COSCO Workers Continue their Strike till the Satisfaction of their Demands

On Thursday evening, April 28, the workers of COSCO held a new General Assembly at the docks of COSCO in Piraeus port, to discuss and evaluate the situation after the new labor accident.

The workers decided that their strike, which started yesterday, will continue till the employer accepts their rightful demands, so that no other worker will lose his life or be injured.

The workers decided

To organize daily General Assemblies, to evaluate the situation and decide the continuation of the Strike on a daily basis.

To start a solidarity campaign with financial collection for their strike fund, as well as food and necessities, which will be collected by the unions and the Regional Trade Union Center of Piraeus.

The ENEDEP-COSCO Workers’ Union demands are

Health and safety measures in the workplace.

Permanent and stable job for all employees in the port. Convert all contracts to full-time and indefinite time. Employees employed through the slave trade-contractors that has been set up under the responsibility of COSCO, (such as DPORT and the Hellenic Loaders Federation (OFE)) to submit to the Collective Contract. Stop the hostage-taking situation with flexible, limited-time contracts of hundreds of workers, who total about 900 people.

To be incorporated through this Collective Contract and to pay all the legal benefits for night work, for working on weekends and holidays.

Implement the integration of COSCO dock workers in the Heavy and Hazardous Professions, which is abusively not implemented by governments and employers.


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