Italy: WFTU Secretary General participates in the USB Debate “The internationalist Giuseppe Di Vittorio”

The WFTU Secretary General, George Mavrikos, participates in the USB-Italy debate event under the title “The internationalist Giuseppe Di Vittorio / WFTU President 1949-1957”.
The event is taking place today, 29 of April, in Rome and is a part of the WFTU and its affiliates’ initiatives towards the 18th World Trade Union Congress.
The speakers who are takiing the floor are:
  • George Mavrikos – on behalf of the WFTU
  • Lorenzo Giustolisi – on behalf of the USB Italy
  • Michele Colucci – CNR researcher : “Giuseppe Di Vittorio & the international dimension: A path to rediscover”
  • Eloisa Betti – Professor of Labour History, University of Bologna : “Di Vittorio and the bill on the guaranteed minimum wage”
  • José María Lucas – Historian : Di Vittorio in the Spanish Civil War

Source: WFTU