PAME expresses solidarity with the workers of Italy and the USB union who are going on strike in a series of sectors on April 22.

USB has called for a strike in the transport, logistics, trade and production of goods sectors and at a large rally on the same day in Rome. Italian workers are on strike demanding higher wages and protection against price hikes and inflation. They also demand the abolition of labor relations that impose conditions of modern slavery as well as the legislation of sanctions against employers for the deaths of workers and strengthening the control mechanisms for Health and Safety at work.

Under the slogan “Raise Wages, Lower Arms”, the USB union denounces the participation and support of the Italian Government in the imperialist war, which is paid for by the Italian people.

PAME expresses its solidarity with the workers of Italy and their struggle for wage increases, protection of life and workers’ rights, against the wars of the imperialists.

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Source: PAME