Taken from: In Defense of Communism

In a statement released to the media, the Chairman of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) Gennady Zyuganov denounces the Bucha killings as a “heinous provocation committed by Bandera Nazis” with the complicity of the western powers.

The CPRF Chairman, whose party is aligned with the Russian government on the military intervention in Ukraine, demands “a comprehensive thorough investigation of the crimes of Ukrainian army and paramilitaries, “including the brutal torture of Russian military personnel.”

The statement reads:

“In the West, a real hysteria began over the alleged “atrocities” of the Russian army in the city of Bucha near Kyiv. The victims of these “atrocities” were allegedly discovered after our army units left. Russia announced the need for an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council to require Ukraine to provide evidence. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has already officially refuted these accusations, stating that not a single civilian was injured during the stay of the Russian military in this city. Pictures of allegedly killed people appeared only on the fourth day after the Ukrainian military arrived there. There are other facts that testify to the staged nature of this provocation.

As you know, the key line of the political and military leadership of Russia is the maximum reduction of losses among the civilian population and the destruction of civilian facilities. And in general, reprisals against civilians are alien to the Russian / Soviet army. Even after the entry into the territory of Nazi Germany in 1944-45, after those monstrous atrocities that the Nazis committed in the USSR, the Red Army was given a strict order not to take revenge on the civilian population. And this order was strictly carried out.

But the armies of the United States and other NATO countries became famous for terrible massacres. Suffice it to recall Hiroshima and Nagasaki – peaceful cities where the United States destroyed hundreds of thousands of Japanese using nuclear weapons. The blood trail stretches beyond: Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria, Libya – these are just some of the countries where the Americans are guilty of massacres or where such crimes were committed by the hands of their local hirelings.

Bloody provocations are a trademark of US imperialism. Suffice it to recall the “Racak Incident” in Kosovo, when 34 dead militants of the terrorist KLA were presented as civilians killed by the Yugoslav military. Later, independent Finnish experts refuted this claim. But the deed was done. The incident in Racak became the rationale for the NATO intervention against Yugoslavia. During the 78 days of merciless bombing of peaceful cities, thousands of people were killed and injured, and more than $100 billion in damage was caused.

It is quite clear that the statements about the “atrocities” of the Russian army are part of the information war of the United States and its allies against Russia, giving them a reason to support neo-Nazis. The current pro-NATO elite in Ukraine is capable of such provocations. The whole world looks with horror at how neo-Nazis in Ukraine use civilians as human shields. The capture by terrorists of several hostages in the West is always presented as a terrible crime. However, in Ukraine, dozens of cities and towns have been turned into hostages, the inhabitants of which are not allowed by local Nazis to leave the areas of hostilities. The official authorities of Ukraine not only do not contribute to the creation of humanitarian corridors, but also in every possible way prevent the exodus of citizens from settlements in combat zones.

In this series, first of all, the tragedy of Mariupol, where militants from the Nazi Azov regiment created firing points in multi-storey buildings, while forbidding residents of these buildings to leave the city. This is just a single, albeit the most terrible example of deliberate genocide, to which the “civilized” West turns a blind eye.

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation strongly condemns the heinous joint provocation of Ukrainian and Western politicians and demands a comprehensive thorough investigation not of staged fakes, but of numerous real crimes of Nazi Bandera, including the brutal torture of Russian military personnel.”

Source: In Defense of Communism