ITUC Hypocrites, servants of NATO and USA

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has reconfirmed role as a US-NATO servant. At its recent meeting it announced the suspension of the Russian Confederation FNPR.

This move follows the tactic by the ITUC to portray the war as a “Putin war”, to cover up the NATO-US-EU-Russia conflict as part of imperialist competitions where the people of Ukraine and Russia and generally are the victims.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, which we condemn, is only a part of the imperialist plans and wars that have been waged in recent decades by the bloody hand of the US-NATO.

But in the bombing of Yugoslavia the ITUC (then called ICFTU) did not suspend the American unions because the US was bombing the people of Yugoslavia. Not even for the US embargo on Cuba. While today it still does not suspend the Israeli organization HISTADRUT which supports the racist, barbaric and murderous Israeli occupation in Palestine.

They are hypocrites! US-NATO-EU servants!

They want the workers to serve one imperialist against the other. The people to shed their blood for the interests and profits of the business groups, who divide the natural resources, their transportation routes and the spheres of influence.

We the workers have no interest in choosing between imperialists. The struggle for the life and prosperity of the peoples has nothing to do with the wars and competitions of the imperialist organizations.

The militant unions of the world have a duty to strengthen the common struggle for peace of the peoples by demanding


No participation in the imperialist war!

Close all US-NATO bases!

No army missions abroad!

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