The World Federation of Trade Unions, representing 105 million workers who live, work, and struggle in 133 countries on the 5 continents, strongly condemns the heinous and deliberate assassination of the renowned Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh in the city of Jenin on Wednesday, while reporting on an Israeli raid.

Both the assassinated Shireen Abu Akleh and her colleague Ali Al-Samoudi who was severely injured in the murderous attack were wearing the notable International Standard bulletproof blue vest with the obvious and clear indication “PRESS”. This murder is added to the endless list of the daily crimes of the Israeli occupation forces against the heroic and unbowed people of Palestine.

The international class-oriented trade union movement reiterates its firm and undivided solidarity with the Palestinians and demands the immediate end to the raid, murders, and crimes of Israel and the unconditional release of the Palestinian political prisoners.  We once again reassure our brothers and sisters in Palestine that they can always rely on our support and solidarity with their struggle until the final victory.

The Secretariat

Source: WFTU