WFTU statement on the new economic sanctions of EU

The decision of the EU leaders for a new package of financial sanctions, which includes the ban on import of oil from Russia into the EU, is far from being considered a move aimed at the shortest possible peace.

It is obvious that this tactic is resulted to quite the opposite. Such economic war decisions simply escalate tensions, reinforce militarism, and nurture nationalists and warmongers.

The consequences of these decisions are burdened in an unbearable way on the backs of the workers and the people who see their income being crushed by the relentless increase of inflation and prices. The big monopoly groups of the Western alliance are hoarding again at the expense of the workers, in a Cold War environment that is systematically consolidated and strengthened, with all the consequent dangers for world peace and security.

The effort to use the crisis and the war to expand and enlarge NATO, with all that entails for world peace and security, is obvious.The WFTU is strongly opposed to the policy of economic war and condemns the attempt to escalate the conflict through huge military aid packages.

The WFTU demands the dissolution of NATO and all military alliances, the destruction of nuclear weapons, and the withdrawal of illegal sanctions and blockades which are systematically imposed on states that do not comply with US-NATO orders.  Also, the WFTU demands the international organizations to act for the de-escalation and for the encouraging and strengthening of diplomacy to bring peace and ceasefire as soon as possible.

The WFTU Headquarters

Source: WFTU