PAME National Congress Meeting Breaks Record Participation

On Wednesday, June 15 the National Federations, Regional Trade Unions, and base Unions that had registered to participate in National Congress Meeting of PAME were 450, in addition to 60 Pensioners Unions. The number is expected to grow as more unions finalize their participation.

Specifically in the Meeting have registered to participate 16 National Workers’ Federations (from 13 in 2016) and 20 Regional Trade Union Centers (from 15 in 2016). The National Congress Meeting is to take place on June 18-19.

Video for the Congress Meeting of PAME

The full list of Unions is available here and updated daily (In Greek):

PAME will also host an International Event in honor of the Congress with the participation of delegations from the WFTU and European Unions. In the seminar have registered to participate more than 30 unionists from 20 countries to discuss

“The Action of the Unions in All Conditions-Experience from the Strikes and Workers’ Struggles during the Pandemic”

Video for the International Seminar here:


Source: PAME

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