PAME Solidarity with Rail workers’ Strikes in Britain

PAME expresses solidarity with the strike of the workers on the railways of Great Britain.

The railway workers are demanding wage increases while fighting against the employer’s anti-workers plans to increase working hours and layoffs.

Colleagues, all over the world during the pandemic, it became clear who are the ones who move society, who are useful and necessary, industries like yours that have lost many colleagues at work.

At the same time, business groups continue to count huge profits, treat employees as costs, and promote tough anti-workers’ measures.

Today, workers are confronted with inflation, high cost of living, the escalation of the anti-workers’ attack that requires workers to sacrifice their lives for the profits of the monopolies. While Governments and the media are attacking with lies and slander against the workers who yesterday they called “heroes”. But the workers’ struggle is fair because it is a struggle for their lives.

Workers around the world are responding with massive, militant struggles for wage increases, better working conditions. In Greece, too, workers in a number of industries, with hard, even many-month struggles, demanded Collective Agreements with wage increases.

In Greece, the Construction Workers won and signed increases of over 20%, while the dock workers of COSCO also won Collective Contract with 20% wage increase. On June 23, the workers of the Pharmaceutical industries go on strike all over Greece, while on the 24th, the employees of the Hotels of Athens go on strike, also in the struggle for wage increases. The victory of the workers in one sector, in one country will be a weapon in our common struggle.

PAME stands by the side of the workers in the British railways and we express our solidarity with your strikes starting on 21 June.

 Source: PAME