Solidarity with the Port Workers of Germany

Strike Uprising across Europe for Wage Increases!

PAME that represents the class unions of Greece, expresses its solidarity with the Port Workers of Germany, who are on strike on Thursday, June 23 for wage increases.

Across Europe, workers are mobilizing to demand wage increases.

Colleagues, all over the world during the pandemic, it became clear who are the ones who move the society, who are useful and necessary, sectors like yours that lost many colleagues at work due to the pandemic and the intensification, the miserable working conditions.

At the same time, business groups continue to count profits, treat workers as costs, and promote tough anti-workers’ measures.

Today, workers are confronted with inflation, the cost of living, the escalation of the anti-workers’ attack that requires workers to sacrifice their lives for the profits of the monopolies. While Governments and the media are attacking with lies and slander the workers who yesterday were called “heroes”. But the workers’ struggle is fair because it is a struggle for their lives.

Workers around the world are responding with massive, militant struggles for wage increases, better working conditions. In Greece, too, workers in a number of industries, with hard, even multi-month struggles, demanded Collective Agreements with salary increases.

In Greece, the Construction workers managed to sign increases of over 20%, while the dock workers of COSCO did the same a few days ago.

Mobilizations, strikes, demonstrations for wage increases are breaking out all over Europe and around the world.

Now is the time for mass, workers’ action. We take the situation into our own hands with the weapon of Solidarity and collective, organized action.

PAME expresses its Solidarity in the fair fight of the German port workers and in their Strike on June 23


Source: PAME