WFTU solidarity statement with the British railworkers

The World Federation of Trade Union, which represents 105 million members in 135 countries, expresses its support for the strike action by almost all British rail companies for 3 days from 21 June, the first time this has happened since the privatisation of British rail in 1994.

We stand in solidarity with the struggle of the WFTU-affiliated RMT, which has succeeded in building this historic strike through a months-long internal democratic process among its affiliates in each company.

The WFTU supports the legitimate demands of British railway workers for more public service jobs, better wages and pensions, and better collective agreements for railway workers, as well as the re-nationalisation of British railways to serve the needs of users before the profits of private companies.

Long live the British rail workers’ strike, Victory to the RMT!

Source: WFTU