Workers, Peace Activists, Students denounce the 2022 NATO Summit

Taken from: In Defense of Communism

Under the slogan “Yes to Peace-No to NATO! Disengage from NATO and dissolve it!”, the World Peace Council (WPC) denounces the NATO Summit which takes place in Madrid on 29-30 June. It is noted that the WPC participated in the large anti-NATO rally held in Spanish capital on June 26th.

More specifically, the WPC stresses out:

The biggest war machine in history, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) is having its Summit on 29-30 June in Madrid, Spain. One more summit where the war hawks of 30 countries and their governments will ratify and develop their imperialist plans as a ’’world sheriff’’.

The history of NATO is full of crimes, wars, interventions and Coups d’ Etat. NATO was never a defensive organisation and even less today. It was and is the armed wing of US and EU imperialism.

The World Peace Council was from the first moment of NATO’s foundation against it, our members and friends are fighting in the NATO member states for the disengagement from NATO and for its dissolution as such.

This struggle becomes even more timely and necessary when we observe the plans for further enlargement of NATO with Sweden and Finland an act which will fuel the war in the Ukraine and the aggressiveness of NATO. NATO is taking advantage of the war for its expansionist plans, it is further fueling the it at the expenses of the Ukrainian and Russian people which were living together for 70 years fraternally and in peace. This war and in connection with NATO’s plans enhances the dangers for a more generalized war of global dimensions. The War has to end and a political negotiated solution has to be found based on the founding principles of the UN Charter. NATO’s plans have to be fought back by the peoples of the world!

The World Peace Council is calling upon all member and friendly organisations in the world, to organize and hold protest events, rallies and demonstrations around the dates of the NATO summit to be held in Madrid on 29-30 June, denouncing the imperialist plans and actions of NATO.”

World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU)

“We denounce the provocative lies and official narratives of NATO that the goal of the alliance is to ”keep its one billion people safe” reads a communique of the Secretariat of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) on the occasion of the NATO Summit in Spain.

The full statement reads:

The World Federation of Trade Unions, representing more than 105 million workers from 133 countries on the 5 continents, in view of the 2022 NATO summit on 29-30 June in Madrid, strongly and unequivocally condemns the existence of NATO that constitutes an aggressive war machine in the service of the interests of the imperialist countries of the alliance.

We denounce the provocative lies and official narratives of NATO that the goal of the alliance is to ”keep its one billion people safe”.  The peoples all over the world know that the bloody mission of this imperialist alliance is to maintain, and expand if possible, the existing favourable correlation of forces for the NATO countries in order to safeguard the profits of their monopolies.  In the imperialist system which is characterized by uneven interdependencies that govern the relations between all the capitalist states, both the peoples of the member-states of NATO and the other counties’ peoples have nothing to expect from the imperialist alliances and wars except death, suffering, poverty, and misery.

We denounce the exclusions, discriminations, embargoes, and sanctions imposed by the US, NATO, and the EU against various countries, as they negatively impact the standard of living of low-income families, workers, poor small farmers, and popular strata in general.

We denounce the hypocritic “concern” of leaders of the USA, EU, and NATO, who shamelessly invoke International Law and the defense of freedom when they speak about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  They speak as if human history began in February 2022, they falsify historical reality, confirming that truth is always one of the first victims of war. NATO invoke peace, self-determination, territorial integrity, international law, democracy, and human rights, while they are the first who wage wars killing ”whatever their peace has left over”.  They are the first who intervene in the internal affairs of other states, change borders, and violate international law and human rights in order to broaden their spheres of influence and serve their geostrategic plans.

Those who are responsible for countless invasions and interventions are primarily responsible for the militarization of international relations, as they insist on maintaining and expanding NATO within the context of a New World Order.

World peace cannot be protected through militarization or through the patronage of all kinds of extreme right-wing nationalist and fascist ideologies. World peace cannot be based on sanctions and economic wars. Those who, as a matter of principle, stand for peace and freedom, fight for the dissolution of NATO and all military coalitions, the dismantling of nuclear weapons, the respect for the independence and sovereignty of all countries, rather than only those which align with, and serve the interests of the United States and their allies.

The World Federation of Trade Unions firmly believes military spending deprives people of the fundamental right to live with dignity and that NATO destabilizing the world and demand unconditional and urgent dissolutions of NATO. The WFTU calls upon the workers all over the world to fight against imperialist wars and the system that creates them, to struggle for world peace and the solidarity among the peoples, to oppose the waste of resources and money for military purposes, to demand the dismantling of nuclear weapons and the immediate dissolution of NATO.”

World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY)

In a statement issued on June 21st, the WFDY stresses out:

The next NATO Summit will take place on the 29th and 30th of June in Madrid (Spain), in the context of the 40th anniversary of its formal entry into NATO. Its announced objectives are part of the dangerous escalation of confrontation and warmongering that threatens the people throughout the world.

While the imperialists sit down at this NATO Summit to discuss and decide on the war, the World Federation of Democratic Youth raises the flag of peace and anti-imperialism high and will be present in Madrid on the weekend of the 24-26th of June. A CENA Camp will be hosted, with the organisations of the Committee of Europe and North America, where we will be able to discuss how to face the current phase we are living. In addition to the CENA meeting, we will hold an open symposium, a popular dinner, and we will go to the demonstration on the 26th of June in our bloc of the anti-imperialist youth. In the next few days, we will share the agenda of the WFDY for this weekend and we invite you to participate and share it.

We hope the different activities, actions, meetings, discussions and the demonstration on the 26th of June will help the anti-imperialist youth and people to keep forward in the struggle against imperialist wars, exploitation and oppression.

These actions will also be a first step for the launching of a global campaign against NATO that we will develop during the next months under the slogan “YES to Peace, NO to NATO: The anti-imperialist youth against their imperialist wars, exploitation and oppression”.

The World Federation of Democratic Youth appeals to the youth of the world to mobilize for peace and against NATO, for its dissolution and supports the right of the people to fight for the disengagement of their country from the imperialist alliance or in the non-member countries not to join it. We must struggle to put an end to their imperialist wars, exploitation and any kind of oppression; until we have built the world we have dreamed of and fought for. / / facebook:wfdyfmjd

Source: In Defense of Communism