Athens Big Protest Against NATO Summit

The class unions along with EEDYE, Peace Committees and organizations of the movement held a massive protest on Thursday, June 30 at the Ministry of Defense of Greece denouncing the dangerous decisions of NATO Summit.

In his speech, during the mobilization at the Ministry, Yiannis Anagnostou, president of the Athens Construction Workers’ Union, noted

“They will find us everywhere in front of them, we will not sit back and watch the developments that endanger the lives of workers and all peoples. Because this is NATO, this is also what the Summit held in Madrid means: Even deeper involvement of our country in their warmongering plans, new sufferings for the people.

The decisions of the Summit are soaked in the blood of the peoples for good! We must sound the alarm! To massively and decisively escalate the fight against them, against the murderous organization of NATO!”


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