Eurof WFTU support worker’s strike on the Femern construction site in Denmark

On behalf of the European Regional office of World Federation of Trade Unions, I address full solidarity with construction workers on strike on the Femern construction site in Denmark. 300 workers, from Poland, Romania alongside their Danish comrades, are on strike demanding equal pay with their Danish counterparts. They have refused to bow to Danish labour court injunctions ordering them to resume work, showing they will not be intimidated by anyone.

The striking colleagues have been fined in the labour court 50 DKK per hour for all the hours they have been on strike. If the strike continues, the amount will rise to 80 kr per hour. The WFTU European office expresses its internationalist solidarity with the workers on strike, underlining the worker’s united and the refuse to be divided along ethnicity, religion or nationality.

The WFTU European regional office calls upon all its friend and affiliates in Europe to support the worker’s on strike.

WFTU European Regional Office
Pierpaolo Leonardi


Source: WFTU