Iraqi Communist Party: Returning to the will of the Iraqi people can defuse the crisis

 30 July 2022

We are deeply concerned as we follow the recent political developments and their dangerous repercussions that could drag the country into unimaginable consequences.

The forces that declare their adherence to the ethno-sectarian power-sharing system bear the responsibility for these developments. Insisting on the same failed approach, which is rejected by the people, will only bring more calamities to Iraq.

Out of concern for the path of democracy building and civil peace in the country, we stress the right to peaceful demonstration and freedom of expression, while safeguarding public and private lives and properties. This falls under the responsibility of the government, even if it is a caretaker government.

It has become clear that the Parliament, with its current composition, is unable to manage the deepening and all-encompassing crisis and address its accumulative effects.

Therefore, the first step to defusing the crisis is to abandon obstinate positions and narrow interests, to end subservience to external forces, and to move instead towards holding free and fair early elections in which the final say will be for the people and expressing their true will.

A truly independent government, comprising competent and honest national figures, and enjoying political and popular approval, that is formed before the Parliament dissolves itself, or assigning the task to the caretaker government with amendments being made to it; can pave the way towards holding early elections, which must be held within one year at the latest, without procrastination.

The Federal Supreme Court is also called upon to review its interpretations regarding the “largest bloc”, the mechanism for holding the Parliament’s session for electing the President, and the protection of the democratic system from all distortions that befall it.

In order for the elections to reflect the will of the Iraqi people, conditions must be met, including:

  1. 1. Legislating a just Election Law, prior to the dissolution of the Parliament, that guarantees the true representation of the will of the voters. This will not be possible unless the participation of patriotic forces, specialists and relevant organisations is widely allowed in drafting the law, under the supervision of the United Nations Mission.
  2. 2. Forming a truly independent Electoral Commission that is not subject to ethno-sectarian quota system, whether in its Council or in its administrative structure.
  3. 3. Full implementation of the Parties’ Law and banning any political bloc that does not disclose its sources of funding from participating in the elections.
  4. 4. Curtailing the use of political money in influencing the results of the elections, by establishing a clear spending mechanism for electoral campaigns, and holding violators accountable.
  5. 5. Banning militias and parties that have armed groups from participating in the elections, by implementing the law.
  6. 6. Ensuring international and local supervision over the conduct of elections, in order to secure all requirements for their integrity.

We are well aware that elections alone do not represent a solution to the all-encompassing structural crisis, without them being followed by serious steps and concrete measures that return the political process to the path of building a state of institutions, law and citizenship. Any temporary or patchwork solutions will only exacerbate the tragic situation that our country is currently experiencing.

Iraqis deserve a better life, and that is why they have the right to craft their own future, in a free and prosperous homeland, free of political sectarianism and corruption, and building a democratic civil state that alone is capable of preserving their dignity and interests.

We share these aspirations of our people, and we call upon all civil, democratic and patriotic forces of change to unite their efforts and work to build a political alternative capable of achieving the project for comprehensive change.

That is our endeavour, and it is the loftiest and most urgent endeavour.

Central Committee

Iraqi Communist Party

30 July 2022

Source: Iraqi Communist Party