UITBB Solidarity Message with Local 36


On behalf of the Trades Union International of Workers of the Building, Wood and Building Materials Industries (UITBB), which represents millions of workers around the world in the construction sector, please accept our undying solidarity in your most recent struggle.

We were informed that the anti-democratic actions by AFL-CIO and the United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers, and Allied Workers against Roofers Local 36, aim at forcing you to leave WFTU, with a strict prohibition of future re-affiliation.

This is completely unacceptable, as in 2016, you democratically decided following a vote, to join the ranks of WFTU, the most historic and class-oriented international trade union organization, being the first US affiliate since 1949.

Such a historic decision is being attacked today, just 6 years later by the AFL-CIO, which cannot stand that workers are free to choose the international organization they want to belong to.

UITBB stands with you, colleagues, and we are certain that the international solidarity and backlash will force AFL-CIO to back down.

Long live international solidarity!

Michalis Papanikolaou

UITBB General Secretary

Source: WFTU