New Tory PM: same anti-worker, anti-democratic, imperialist politics

The Central Committee of the Young Communist League has issued the following statement in response to the result of the Tory Leadership contest and Liz Truss becoming Prime Minister.

When Boris Johnson leaves Downing Street for the last time as Prime Minister it will be welcomed by the millions who have needlessly lost relatives to COVID19 and working people across the country suffering under the so-called cost of living crisis. It will also be welcomed by the victims of British imperialism across the world under Johnson’s premiership. But sadly, celebration is not a luxury we can afford at this time. 

Johnson being pushed out as leader of the Tory Party, just to be replaced with another hard right Tory prime minister isn’t a meaningful victory for working people and the youth of Britain or the victims of British imperialism.

This won’t do anything to reverse the attacks on the working class, our wages and our living standards and it won’t change the anti-working class, anti-democratic, imperialist character of this Tory government.

Truss is not only committed to the same right-wing policies of attacks on workers’ rights and wages and continued privatisation, including of the NHS, she has also made clear during the leadership contest that she aspires to be a new Margaret Thatcher.

Truss has promised even deeper attacks on trade union rights and wages. Her whole economic programme is premised on cuts to wages, increased privatisation, cuts to public spending and massive tax cuts for big business and the ruling class. 

At a time of climate crisis, Truss’ solution to the out of control energy bills that threaten to impoverish working people across Britain is to pump more oil and gas out of the North Sea and legalise fracking in Britain. While she has promised a plan to help household’s cover energy bills this winter, the reality is her only priority is guaranteeing super profits to the energy monopolies.

As Foreign Secretary in Johnson’s Cabinet, Truss has been a devoted sabre rattler for NATO and a reckless and enthusiastic supporter for a new cold war against China. Truss proudly supports the Tories cruel, inhumane and racist Rwanda scheme for refugees.

The Labour Party under Keir Starmer has failed to offer any alternative to the Tories. They have failed to hold them to account for COVID19 deaths and profiteering, they have supported their imperialist foreign policy and they have failed to support striking workers across Britain.

For the working people and the youth of Britain, the change in Tory PM won’t be any form of victory or relief on its own.

If you want a dignified life for yourself and your community, your fight isn’t just against one Tory prime minister or one government. It’s not a fight that will be won overnight. It’s a fight against the ruling class and capitalism. 

The labour and progressive movement must take this moment, with rising industrial militancy and the ascension of a new and deeply unpopular Tory PM, to seize the initiative – including through a maximum mobilisation to protest the upcoming Tory Conference on 2 October in Birmingham.

Together we have to build a mass movement of working people and the youth based in our communities, workplaces and campuses, uniting the labour, student and tenants movements. Only a movement of this type can lead and win the fight against austerity, poverty and unemployment and for jobs, housing, healthcare, education and public services. 

The fight to remove a new Tory PM and the Tory Party from power can become the fight for Socialism in Britain.

Britain’s Communists will be on the frontlines, playing a leading role in building this movement. If you want to play your part, now is the time. Get active and build the struggle wherever you are.

Join a trade union and a tenants union, organise in your workplace, your campus and your community. 

Join the YCL and the Communist Party!

Join the fight for a real victory over the ruling class!

In comradeship

Central Committee
Young Communist League

5 September 2022
London, Britain

Source: Young Communist League of Britain