Protest against Nazi symbols in the area of Buchenwald Concentration Camp Memorial

The Buchenwald-Dora Camp Community/ Circle of Friends expresses its disgust and protest against the neo-fascist attacks on the Buchenwald Memorial. On Thursday – for the second time and more – swastika graffiti and symbolism associated with the Thuringian neo-fascist scene were applied to boards and signs of the memorial.

Obviously, the work of the memorial and the social remembrance of the crimes of German fascism are so repugnant to the neo-Nazis that they believe they have to show their presence with such graffiti – applied under the cover of darkness. Only a few weeks ago, we had to experience that with the targeted destruction of memorial trees for prisoners of Buchenwald concentration camp, even such commemorative signs came into the crosshairs of the extreme right.

We cannot overlook the fact that in this region – heated up by the agitation of Björn Höcke and his AfD – the extreme right is increasingly taking hold with violent marches.
We call on all anti-fascist forces of civil society to oppose these Nazi provocations.

We expect from the democratic politicians across party lines, a clear commitment against such desecrations and political attacks.

We assure the Buchenwald Memorial of our support against the attacks on its work.