International Federation of Resistance Fighters (FIR) and World Veterans Federation (WVF): Common appeal for Peace

The world’s largest international associations of former participants in the war and persecutees of Nazism in all countries, the World Veterans Federation (WVF) and the International Federation of Resistance Fighters (FIR) have made a joint appeal for peace for the immediate end of the war in Ukraine.

WVF and FIR, both honored as “Ambassadors of Peace” of the United Nations, in the tradition of the fighters in World War II and the resistance fighters against Nazism, connected with relevant forces of the civil society in many countries of Europe, raise their voice in the current situation to stop the war in Ukraine.

We call both sides and all allied forces for an immediate ceasefire and a start of international negotiations. Weapons will never bring peace, diplomacy and negotiations are the only way. This is necessary especially to save the life of the civilian peoples on both sides.

In this, we also see ourselves united with Pope Francis, who has urgently warned of the danger of nuclear war, which will have catastrophic consequences not only on the battlefield, but also for all European countries and definitely for all humankind.

Mr. Dan Viggo Bergtun, President WVF

Mr. Vilmos Hanti, President FIR