The Football World Cup begins on November 20 in Qatar stained with working-class blood

The designation of this Arab emirate to host the event was already tainted by corruption. Billions of resources belonging to the Qatari people -as it is theirs all wealth found in their subsoil- passed into the hands of the large capitalist corporations.  Since then, the sponsorship of these companies has been supported by speculation and business from which only the elites of the Arab country benefit.

This great mass of capital is also serving to whitewash medieval and authoritarian regimes that do not hesitate to collaborate with the oppressive regime of Israel and the Western bourgeois democracies that endorse it.

Furthermore, Qatar is a regime that oppresses the basic rights of women and people belonging to LGTBI groups. There is no doubt that they will use this world event to wash the face of an oppressive government and present themselves to the world as champions of democracy and integration.

Capitalism has turned sport, a dignified and praiseworthy human practice, into another ideological tool to achieve its interests, impregnating it with a competitive character in accordance with its philosophy, according to which whoever does not win is a loser.

On the other hand, it also fosters the most conservative sentiments of nationalism, confronting hobbies, being the source of acts of vandalism and violence, and harboring fascist movements within it linked to political parties that yearn for bloody dictatorships and war scenarios that class-oriented trade unionism has always condemned.  An event in which the role of women is relegated.

We cannot forget that the construction of the megalomaniac infrastructure that will host the World Cup has claimed the lives of thousands of workers who have had to suffer endless days of work, suffocating temperatures, miserable wages and non-existent health and safety conditions; workers from the African continent and Southeast Asia who have been forced to accept slave contracts, known as the kafala system, where the employer retained their passport, imposed his working conditions enabling him to imprison or deport without compensation anyone who did not comply.

Everything that capitalism touches is corrupted. Class-oriented unionism denounces this predatory and inhuman system that even in leisure and sports tries to instill its philosophy of life. We cannot be complicit in the blood and misfortune of millions of class brothers and sisters for the sake of the spectacle that will accompany us in the coming weeks.

Source: WFTU