KKE condemns the murders of protesters in Peru

Taken from: In Defense of Communism

Solidarity with the popular movement and the Peruvian CP

The popular demonstrations that have erupted in Peru after the ouster of the social-democrat President Pedro Castillo and his replacement by Vice President Dina Boluarte, are facing a brutal murderous attack by the state repression mechanisms and the new government that enjoys the support of the majority of bourgeois parties, including the Free Peru party from which Castillo comes.

 The KKE unequivocally condemns the murders of more than 30 protesters in various regions of Peru as well as the dozens of injuries and the mass arrests of militants of the people.

We demand that the murderous attack against the popular movement be stopped immediately, that all those arrested be released, and that the perpetrators and instigators of the murders be held accountable.

The KKE expresses its internationalist solidarity with the General Confederation of Workers of Peru and the Peruvian Communist Party, which are at the forefront of the workers’–people’s struggles.

International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE.


Source: In Defense of Communism