On the death of the 16-year-old Roma boy who died after police shooting

On Tuesday, December 13, died a week after being shot in the head by a policeman, a 16-year-old Roma boy called Kostas Fragkoulis.

Massive demonstrations took place immediately in many cities demanding no cover-up, no tolerance to state oppression and repression. The class unions called for massive participation to the demonstrations and escalation of the struggle.

PAME Statement:

The 16-year-old Roma boy who was shot in the head by a policeman for not paying 20 euros for fuel, died (yesterday). The forces of repression, with the support and backing of the governments, are out of control and are attacking the “enemy people” at every opportunity.

The government knows that when it cultivates winds it will reap storms. With energy poverty, poverty, inflation taking away what is left of the people’s income, with the destruction of workers’ rights and people’s freedoms, it is a given that reactions, struggles and demands will grow. That is why the forces of repression are being reinforced in every way. That is why they are encouraged to beat, shoot and … whoever dies. We will not tolerate it! We demand that all those responsible be held accountable and punished.

We strengthen the mass organized struggle, against the causes of these phenomena, against poverty and injustice, is the most dynamic and effective response. Let indignation become claim and struggle! All in the rallies of students’ associations, unions and mass organizations.


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