11 | 12 | 2019

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova’s answer to a question from TASS news agency on the depiction of Southern Kuril Islands as Japanese territory on the official website of 2020 Tokyo Olympic Summer Games

Question: Could you comment on the depiction of the Southern Kuril Islands as Japanese territory on the official website of 2020 Tokyo Olympic Summer Games?

Maria Zakharova: We have drawn Japan’s attention on multiple occasions to the fact that using typographic, audio-visual or other materials in which the Southern Kuril Islands of the Russian Federation are depicted as Japanese territory is unacceptable. In particular, on July 2, 2019, the Foreign Ministry expressed its protest to the Japanese Embassy in Moscow over similar actions by our partners during the G20 Summit.

The WFTU, representing more 97 million workers in 130 countries expresses its solidarity and support the dockworkers in Japan who are taking dynamic measures against the unacceptable and demand of the Japan Harbor Transportation Association for abolishing the current system for determining dockworkers’ minimum wage.

The employers are insisting to present their fake argument that the determined minimum wages of the workers are against the anti-monopoly rules despite the fact that even the labor relations authority rejected this fake argument, clearly declaring that the minimum wage system for dockworkers does not infringe on anti-monopoly rules.

The Japanese Communist Party has joined other communists and leftists around the world in demanding fair treatment for foreign workers in their country. Japan is a country with relatively very few foreign-born residents, but recently the government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been sponsoring legislation in the Diet (parliament) that would allow a limited number of what elsewhere are called “guest workers” into the country, in this case as “trainees”.  On October 30, communist members of the Diet met with the Japan Federation of Lawyers to discuss the proposed legislation and reach agreement on a common approach.

On August 6th 2018, seventy three years have completed since the crime in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 9th, by the US Imperialism , which in 1945 deprived the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and thousands of others in the coming years due to the effects of radiation in the territory.

The dropping of atomic bombs meant to intimidate the peoples, to send a “message” to the USSR, to the militant movement of all countries, to put the stamp of US intimidation to the international situation after the second world war.

The World Federation of Trade Unions representing 92 million workers in 126 countries expresses its deep sorrow to the Japanese people and the families of the more than 100 flood victims. We consider unacceptable the fact that in the 21st century ordinary people losing their lives from the rainfall, the earthquakes and all kinds of physical disasters. This situation is permanent in all capitalist countries. Despite the progress of science and technology in civil protection sector, the workers, the poor, the toiling masses in capitalist countries remain unprotected when facing natural disasters, earthquakes, epidemics, fires.

The WFTU expresses its sincere condolences for the families and friends of the people who lost their lives by the earthquake in Japan.

Our thoughts are with the people who are injured or suffer from the consequences of the earthquake. Once again the workers, the ordinary people suffer and pay with their lives the lack of safety measures against the natural disasters whether it is an earthquake, flood, heatwave, storm or hurricane.

wftuThe imperialistic Japan continues the aggression by sharpening the intra-imperialist rivalries throughout Asia and Pacific area. The prime minister of Japan, under the pretext of the supposed North Korean threat, promotes new increase in the budget of the Japanese Ministry of Defense.

World Federation of Trade UnionsThe World Federation of Trade Unions denounces the unjustified, unacceptable and provocative reduction of the yearly pay increase from many major companies and enterprises in Japan.

JapanThe Presidency of the World Peace Council joins the peace loving organizations commemorating a great victory achieved by the Japanese people, who avoided the construction of yet another US military base in Okinawa.

Japanese social movements and local residents have been protesting for decades against the US military presence and, more recently, against the plans of the allied governments in Tokyo and Washington to install another military base in Japanese soil, where dozens of such structures are already rooted.

Japanese Communist PartyAbe is determined to overrule his country’s constitution and restore its historic rule over the region, writes Kenny Coyle in the Morning Star.

JAPANESE premier Shinzo Abe seems intent on marking the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII with empty gestures of regret, while at the same time stoking Japan’s future military ambitions. As the country marks the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which sealed Japan’s WWII fate, Abe and his allies are pushing through new laws that break the anti-war clauses in Japan’s post-war constitution by allowing Japanese troops to take part in overseas conflicts.

World Federation of Democratic YouthWorld Federation of Democratic Youth70 years after the US nuclear bombing on the Japanese cites of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY), who celebrates this year the 70th anniversary of its foundation, conmemorate this tragedy calling the democratic and antiimperialist youth to stay united against Imperialism, for a world of lasting peace. We reproduce the statement of WFDY:

70 years are completed today after the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The World Federation of Democratic Youth has a constant position about the usage of such nuclear weapons.

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