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kke greeceOn October 19, 2017 a meeting of parliamentary delegations of the Greece - Kazakhstan Friendship group (from the Greek side) and the Kazakhstan - Greece Friendship Group (on the Kazakhstan side) took place in the Greek Parliament. Members of all political parties in the Greek Parliament participate in the Friendship Groups according to their parliamentary strength. Diamanto Manolakou, MP of the KKE, participated in the composition of this committee, while the members of the delegation of the Kazakh parliament were A. Tasbulatov and A. Konurov.

Arrest of trade unions leaders in Kazakhstan. Screenshot: YoutubeArrest of trade unions leaders in Kazakhstan. Screenshot: YoutubeJanuary 20, were arrested the leaders of the hunger strike of oil industry workers — the Chairman of the Union «Oil ConstructionCompany» Amin Yeleusinov and public labour inspectors Nurbek Kushakbaev. First accused of embezzlement of trade Union funds, and the second to the calls of the «illegal strikes». They were arrested for two months and today, according to the workers, have already arrived to Astana.

Communist Party of KazakhstanThe Comunist Party of Greece (KKE) delegation in the European Parliament denounced the unacceptable decision of the authorities of Kazakhstan to ban the Communist Party of Kazakhstan on the pretext that it does not possess the necessary number of members, with a question to the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. This decision comes in addition to a series of similar temporary decisions to suspend the activity of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan and it is connected with persecutions, the curtailing of the right to strike, to demonstrate, to organize in trade unions.

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