Monday, 17. December 2018
  • 4 Dead in 3 Separate Shootings in the Arab Secto

    Two parents, Gadoah and Amal Zabarka, were shot to death in their car as their six-year-old son sat in the back seat in Lod on Saturday night, December 15. Another man, Ali Abu Al-Rihan, was fatally shot in the same city hours later and a fourth victim to gunshot violence, Mahmoud Abu-Dayeh, was killed in a shooting in the town of Yafia, near Nazareth.


  • Ten Arrested During “Yellow Vest” Protest Rally in Central Tel Aviv

    Wearing yellow fluorescent safety vests similar to those worn by protesters in France during the past month, hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Friday, December 14, to protest Israel’s high cost of living. The demonstrators blocked the Azrieli intersection in the city center; 10 were arrested on allegations of disorderly conduct during clashes with the police.


  • Thousands of Angry Social Workers Block Central Tel Aviv Intersection

    Social workers suspended all welfare services in Tel Aviv and the central part of the country, from Gedera in the south to Hedera in the north, on Thursday, December 13, calling for urgent reforms to guarantee their physical protection, provide them with higher salaries, and grant them overall improved working conditions.  Since last week, the Social Workers Union has been striking daily on a rotational basis in different regions of the country, during which there is no reception of the public, no committee meetings related to child safety and domestic violence, and no preparation of court briefings.


  • Protests, Strike after 2018’s 25th Woman Victim is Murdered in Acre

    Demonstrations were held on Wednesday, December 12, in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Sakhnin, Acre, Beer-Sheva and other locations throughout Israel following the brutal murder of yet another women, the 25th victim of femicide this year.

    Thirty-year-old Eman Ahmad Awad was found stabbed and in critical condition in her home in the northern town of Acre on Tuesday, December 11. Paramedics who arrived at the scene fought to resuscitate Awad before declaring her dead. Police have opened an investigation into the incident.


  • ‘Unity against imperialist hypocrisy and conspiracies in Syria’

    The Syrian CP issued a statement on the invasion of Syrian soil by foreign forces and warned against the conspiracies of imperialists towards the Kurdish people.

    The statement issued on 7 December appealed to the patriots of the Syrian homeland to challange imperialism and Zionism. Reminding that Syria has been subjected to Zionist wars for years to undermine Syrian national steadfastness, the statement pointed out that the current imperialist aggression seeks to maintain US influence through the military bases in the east of the Euphrates in violation of Syria’s ‘independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity’. ‘The abominable Turkish occupation is also being legitimizing the dark reactionary stronghold on the valuable parts of the land of our homeland in the north of Aleppo’ said the statement.


  • Pole of Communist Revival in France warns against 'poisoned gifts' by Macron

    The Pole of Communist Revival in France (PRCF) congratulated the citizens of France in 'yellow vests' who managed to force back President Macron, labelled as 'even more anti-popular, euro-aligned and oligarchic than the arrogant Sarkozy'. The PRC asserted that Macron, compared to Sarkozy 'at least pretends to learn that in face of popular insurrection he has to make certain concessions, even though some are in form of poisoned gifts ... The fight pays when it is conducted with determination and it sweeps away from the bogus pseudo-social dialogue and the European formatting in which the trade union confederations.' The PRC criticized the confederation CGT (Confederation of Labour) ‘whose zigzags and the follow-up towards the pro-employer CFDT (French Democratic Confederation of Labour) put it on the doorstep of an unprecedented crisis even though many activist structures of the CGT demand a general social offensive in the spirit of class unionism.


  • TKP’s statement on train crash: "We will go after these murders"

    The Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) made a statement on the train crash on December 13 indicating to the push of greedy capitalists instead of a planned construction. 

    9 people died and 86 were wounded in a train crash in the capital city Ankara on December 13. As details of the event that was recorded as the 11th deadly train crash during the AKP government have emerged, negligence behind the crash has been revealed. 


  • KKE condemns relations of the Chinese embassy with Greek fascist organization 'Golden Dawn'

    The CP of Greece says the development of the relations between the fascist Golden Dawn and the Embassy of the PR of China "whitewashes" the criminal organization.

    The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) published a Comment in its newspaper "Rizospastis" regarding the meeting of China Ambassador Zhang Qiyue, with a delegation of the criminal Nazi organization "Golden Dawn". This is the second incident were the KKE exposes the relations of the fascist organization with the Embassy of the People’s Republic (PR) of China. A year ago, the KKE had sent a letter to the Working Group parties of the International Communist and Workers’ Parties (IMCWP), including the CP of China, condemning the invitation of the Golden Dawn to an event organized by the Embassy of the PR of China.


  • Communists say: Oppose bogus Brexit – On to the general election!

    While Conservative MPs were voting for and against their party leader, Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths said, 'Now as never before, with all the confusing talk of a "soft" or "hard" or "no deal" Brexit, it is critical to focus on the issues that resulted in a majority to leave the EU, in the biggest democratic exercise in Britain's history.

    'The majority of voters had had enough of almost ten years of cuts in their incomes and public services. They were fed up with job insecurity and the chronic housing crisis. And they could see that the very politicians and corporate fat cats responsible for austerity were the same ones trying to scare them into voting for the EU and the status quo.


  • Zaatry Relinquishes Post as Haifa Deputy Mayor; To Be Replaced by Arab-Palestinian Women Activist

    Haifa council member-elect Raja Zaatry, who has been the target of far-right government pressures to block his appointment as deputy mayor for weeks, withdrew his candidacy on Wednesday, December 12. In a press conference held in the northern city, Zaatry told those assembled that he has no intention of apologizing for his views, but said Hadash had decided to appoint a fellow city council member, Shahira Shalbi, as deputy mayor in his stead.

    Following Zaatry’s announcement Shalabi said: “I respect Haifa’s residents; a city has remained sane, one that opposes incitement and racism. The Israeli public wants us. I am pleased to be Kalish-Rotem’s partner.” According to the coalition agreement, Shalabi is to serve as a deputy mayor during the second half of the new mayor’s term. Rabbi Dov Haiyun (Meretz) will serve the first half of the term.


  • CP of Canada: Stop the GM Closure! Stop NAFTA 2.0!

    The Communist Party of Canada denounces the planned closure of GM Oshawa car plant.

    The Communist Party of Canada recently released a statement against the planned closure of General Motors Oshawa car plant, calling it "a war on Canadian autoworkers and on automobile manufacturing in Canada." The statement also highlighted how using the NAFTA 2.0 agreement the major transnational auto manufacturers are "shifting the plants south to Mexico, where wages are $4 an hour or less – a fraction of what workers in Canada are paid."


  • 'Strong Hungarian Workers' Party!'

    The Hungarian Workers' Party issued a resolution about its 27th Congress convened in Budapest on December 8. The new strategic decision of the Party was praised with the slogan "Strong Hungarian Workers' Party!" and was described as to become an active participant of the internal political fight with quick assessment, quick reaction and quick action. The resolution read, "The Hungarian Workers' Party is a living, active, working party. We are true to our principles, we hold to our history, but we are up-to-date, we constantly modernise and renew our work. We consequently undertake the task of representing Hungarian national values and interests. This is the condition of the party's survival and strengthening." Underlining the crisis of the capitalist system and the fragility of Hungarian capitalism, the Party pointed out the possibility of radical external changes and internal developments that may launch in Hungary "a new, radical era of the class struggle."


  • Haifa’s Communist Deputy Mayor: I Advocate Peace, Equality and Fraternity between Peoples

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the most prominent of a growing list of far-right Israeli political figures calling for rescinding the appointment of Communist Raja Zaatry as deputy major of Haifa. On Sunday, December 9, Netanyahu said that he had asked newly elected Haifa Mayor Einat Kalisch-Rotem to cancel the appointment of a deputy mayor “who supports Hezbollah and Hamas, organizations that declare their wish to destroy the State of Israel. I hope this request will be answered, and I am happy that [Interior Minister] Aryeh Deri began his involvement on this matter.” Nevertheless, Kalisch-Rotem has refused heed to Netanyahu’s request.


  • Far-Right Campaign against Haifa’s New Communist Deputy Mayor

    Likud MK Yoav Kisch has sent a letter to Israel’s Interior Minister Aryeh Deri asking him to reject the request authorizing a salary for new Deputy Haifa Mayor Raja Zaatry (Hadash). Kisch’s letter comes as the far-right racist backlash to Zaatry’s appointment continues to gain momentum. Zaatry, is the head of the Haifa branch of the Communist Party of Israel (CPI).


  • Israeli Forces Demolish Brand New Primary School South of Hebron

    Israeli occupation forces demolished on Wednesday, December 5, an elementary school in al-Simiya area, north of the southern West Bank town of al-Sumo’, and south of the city of Hebron, a local activist told the Wafa Palestinian news agency. Mohannad al-Masalma, PR coordinator for the West Bank area south of Hebron, said that an Israeli bulldozer demolished the “al-Tahadi 13” (Challenge 13) school with no prior notice and, before its destruction began, the immediate vicinity was declared a closed military area.


  • CP’s of Vietnam and USA meet

    The Communist Party USA enjoys a warm and special relationship with the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) dating back to the American war in Vietnam and the role the CPUSA played in building solidarity, the anti-war movement and supporting the normalization of relations afterward. So, it’s always a special occasion when the two parties meet.


  • Pope Voices Concern over Discriminatory Laws

    In a meeting with visiting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Pope Francis was introduced on Monday, December 3, to the leader of the Joint List, MK Ayman Odeh (Hadash), who also held talks with Left parties while in Rome.

    MK Odeh told the leader of the Roman Catholic Church: “I bring with me a present: two rocks from the villages of Ikrit and Biram.” In 1948, Israeli soldiers uprooted from their homes the residents of Ikrit and Biram, two predominantly Christian villages in northern Galilee, “until the security situation makes possible their return.” In 1951, Israel’s High Court ruled that the villagers should be allowed to return “so long as no emergency decree” against this is issued. The government hastened to issue such a decree against the Ikrit evacuees, and two months later, the Israeli army blew up the houses in that village. In 1953, it similarly demolished the houses of Biram. Only the churches of the two villages were left standing. Two years later, the lands of Ikrit and Biram – 16,000 and 12,000 dunams respectively – were expropriated by the Israeli regime.


  • In support of the Communist Party of Poland

    On December 3, 2018 the CPRF branches in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad and Smolensk arranged a series of protest actions as a part of international campaign in support of the Communist Party of Poland which is under persecution of the Polish government.

    Hands off the Communist Party of Poland! That was the demand of protesters to the Polish authority explicitly indicated by CPRF speakers.


  • Brexit means more powers for Scotland and Wales, say Communists

    The secretaries of the Communist Party in Scotland and Wales have issued the followed joint statement today (December 5):

    'Scottish and Welsh Communists have long supported the case for a federal Britain. We believe this is the only constitutional settlement that will empower the workers and peoples of our countries to control and develop their economies, while maintaining labour movement unity and redistributing the wealth owned largely by the capitalist class.


  • Plenary meeting of the European Communist Initiative

    The European Communist Initiative (ECI) convened its plenary meeting in Athens on November 26. On behalf of the Communist Party of Greece, an introductory speech was made by Giorgos Marinos, member of the PB of the CC of the KKE. After the introduction, the rich action of the previous six months was treated, including numerous initiatives and interventions against the imperialist Euro-Atlantic plans and the further dangerous militarization of the EU; against the anti-communism of the EU and governments; against anti-popular measures like the orchestrated restriction of the right to strike and measures affecting the right to education; as well as activities for important anniversaries and celebrations such as the Great October Socialist Revolution, the May Day and the Anti-fascist Victory of the Peoples.


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