Tuesday, 19. June 2018
  • Freedom to Oleg Khorzhan!

    On June 6, 2018 the authorities of the Moldavian Transnistrian Republic arrested the Secretary of the UCP – CPSU Central Council, Transnistria communists’ leader Oleg Khorzhan. Prior to his arrest some of our comrades have already been detained.

    An absurd accusation has been put forward against the Chairman of the Transnistrian Communist Party Central Committee, a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the MTR.
    Oleg Khorzhan which is known as a courageous and uncompromising fighter for legitimacy, has been accused in attacking law enforcement officers. In such a way the Authorities try to intimidate all independently conceiving citizens as well as to soothe growing social anger in the country.


  • Hadash Condemns Extension of Palestinian Lawmaker’s Detention

    Israeli military authorities extended the administrative detention of Palestinian lawmaker Khalida Jarrar on Thursday, June 14, for a third six month period, just two weeks before she was to be released from military prison. Since being detained by Israeli forces that raided her family home in the central West Bank city of al-Bireh on July 2, 2017, Jarrar has been held in administrative detention with no charges being made against her and with no trial. Her arrest last July came only a year after Jarrar’s release from a previous term of administrative detention.


  • Emergency Meeting in Jerusalem: The Struggle for Khan Al Ahmar!

    Following the Supreme Court’s decision last week to allow the expulsion of the Jahalin people from their village in the occupied Palestinian territories, Khan Al Ahmar’s future is in danger. On Monday evening, June 18, activists and experts will be holding a meeting in West Jerusalem with to learn more about the evacuation and resisting it. The meeting is being organized by Imbala and will take place at 20:00 at 3 Yanai Street.


  • Victory for Hadash: Histadrut to Allow Asylum Seekers to Join

    Togod Omer Adam of Sudan and Takalit Rishahi from Eritrea became the first African refugees admitted to the Histadrut Labor Federation as full members, after an agreement was reached on Wednesday, June 13, between the organization and representatives of refugees and activists from Hadash. Thirty mainly Sudanese refugees, whose application to join the Histadrut had previously been stonewalled by the labor federation, organized together with Hadash and other pro-refugee activists to force the mega-union to heed its own regulations, according to which anyone working in Israel is entitled to become a member.


  • Dozens Demonstrate in Afula against Home Sale to Arab Family

    Dozens of residents of the northern city of Afula demonstrated on Wednesday afternoon, June 13, against the sale of a house to an Arab family. Protesters waved Israeli flags and carried racist signs condemning the sale and the homeowners who sold their home to Arabs, one of which read: “Traitors against the Jews will get no rest.”


  • CP calls for left alternative to Brexit "shambles"

    'The Tory government is a divided shambles over Brexit and would be finished off by a large, solid group of left-wing MPs', Liz Payne told the Communist Party's political committee on Wednesday evening.


  • Hundreds of Public Figures: Forcible Transfer of Khan al-Ahmar Community Is a War Crime

    Over 300 elected officials, legal scholars, academics, artists, faith leaders, and activists from around the world and Israel have published an open letter voicing opposition to Israel’s plans to forcibly transfer thousands of Palestinians living in farming-shepherding communities in the West Bank. The letter focuses on Khan al-Ahmar in particular, a community under imminent threat of demolition and forcible transfer.


  • Rizzo on the Aquarius crisis: Minimum wage for all and No to exploitation of Africa

    Marco Rizzo, the GS of the Partito Comunista, made a brief comment on the Italian rejection of the rescue ship Aquarius.

    On June 10, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini declared his refusal to accept the rescue ship Aquarius in Italian ports by claiming, "Saving lives is a duty, turning Italy into a huge refugee camp is not." The Aquarius had picked up 629 migrants mainly from the Sub-Saharan Africa from small boats sailing from Libya to Italy. Whereas the overcrowded Aquarius remained running out of provision at sea between Malta and Sicily, it has been eventually the new Spanish Government which offered to receive the vessel. Salvini, known for his populist anti-immigration policies, declared victory after Spain's offer. On the other hand, it must be noted that Spain lacks the necessary resources and infrastructure to cope with the migration crisis in the long term.


  • Four Palestinians Killed and Over 600 Injured in Gaza Protests Friday

    Mass demonstrations along Israel’s perimeter fence with the Gaza Strip took place on Friday, June 8, for the eleventh consecutive week, as part of the “Great March of Return.” Israeli forces killed four Palestinians, and injured 618 demonstrators, according to the Ministry of Health (MoH) in Gaza. 254 of the injuries were transferred to hospitals, including 117 wounded by live ammunition, according to the MoH. Eight of the wounded are in critical condition. One Israeli soldier was also reportedly slightly injured.


  • ‘Sri Lankan people have no trust in imperialist powers’

    Special interview with Member of PB of the People’s Liberation Front, Bimal Rathnayake on regional imperialist rivalries and the working class movement in Sri Lanka.

    While the trade conflict between the US and China intensifies, competition between Asian powers are also escalating. Sri Lanka, one of the countries subjected to rivalries between China, India and USA is experiencing working class protests against recent privatizations alongside religious tensions under the influence of political powers.


  • Hadash and CPI Activists Take Part in 20th Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade

    Tel Aviv was painted all the colors of the rainbow on Friday, June 8, to mark the city’s 20th annual Gay Pride Parade. Tens of thousand of persons marched waving rainbow flags of all shapes and sizes in the non-violent demonstration. Among them activists from Hadash, the Communist Party of Israel (CPI) and the Young Communist League marched with red flags and carried banners against discrimination, the occupation and capitalism.


  • MK Khenin: Apply Boycott Law to Miri Regev over Nixed FB Match

    The Knesset Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee approved on Wednesday, June 6, its first reading of an amended Boycott Law sponsored by MK Yoav Kish (Likud). The current law states that calling for a boycott against a person or body because of his ties to the State of Israel, the occupied Palestinian territories or to its institutions constitutes a tort and allows various administrative restrictions on those calling for the boycott. The proposed amendment would add to the current law the possibility of filing a compensation claim without proof for damages of up to NIS 100,000, as well as a compensation claim for punitive damages of up to NIS 500,000.


  • Argentina Cancels Pre-World Cup Match with Israel in Jerusalem

    A friendly football match between Argentina and Israel that had been scheduled to take place in Jerusalem this Saturday, June 9, has been cancelled, according to Argentinean and Israeli media. The match which was to take place in Jerusalem’s Teddy Kollek Stadium was to be Argentina’s final game before they kicked off their World Cup campaign against Iceland on June 16 in Russia.


  • Iraqi CP declares success of 'anti-sectarian and anti-corruption' program

    The Tudeh Party of Iran interviewed the Iraqi Communist Party on the success of trans-sectarian ‘Sairoun' Alliance in the recent Iraqi elections.

    Salam Ali, Member of the Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party was interviewed by ‘Nameh Mardom’, the central organ of the Tudeh Party of Iran on 28 May 2018. According to the CC of the Iraqi CP, the success of the Alliance indicated to the Iraqi people’s approval of an anti-sectarian and anti-corruption political program rejecting foreign interference.


  • MK Khenin: Israel Must Extradite Argentine War Criminal Gauto

    Human rights organizations, members of the Israeli parliament and representatives of the Argentinean-Jewish community have joined forces to demand that Israel extradite alleged Argentine war criminal Teodoro Anibal Gauto. According to Interpol’s website, Gauto is wanted for crimes against humanity, including murder, torture and abductions during Argentina’s military dictatorship from 1976 until 1983.


  • Press statement from the Communist Party’s further and higher education advisory, on the recent UCU congress

    Communist Party members who were delegates at the 2018 UCU Congress consider that developments at the Congress place the future of the union at risk.


  • Hundreds Display Solidarity in Haifa with Besieged People of Gaza

    Several hundred persons, Arabs and Jews, participated in a demonstration in the German Colony in Haifa on late Friday afternoon, June 1, to express solidarity with the nearly 2 million Palestinian people living under the Israeli blockade and repression of the Gaza Strip.


  • Today: 2 Demonstrations vs. the Gaza Siege, in Haifa & near Sderot

    Two demonstrations will be held today (Friday, June 1) against Israel’s siege of the Gaza Strip: at the Yad Mordechai junction near Sderot in the south of Israel at 12:00 and at UNESCO Square (German Colony) in Haifa at 17:00.


  • Marxism in the 21st Century and the Future for World Socialism

    ROBERT GRIFFITHS spoke at a conference in Shenzhen, China, last week on 'Marxism in the 21st Century and the Future for World Socialism'. Here is his speech:

    In Das Kapital, Marx explained how and why — as the result of capital accumulation and technological advance — capitalism creates a 'disposable industrial reserve army' from dispossessed, displaced and redundant workers.

    Today, capitalism reproduces this reserve army on an ever-growing scale. Uneven development, Third World debt bondage, the deregulation of labour markets, accelerating technological change — together with large population movements caused by imperialist war and climate change — have added scores of millions of migrant workers and refugees to that army.


  • TKP on upcoming elections in Turkey and the position of communists

    The CP of Turkey issued a report titled 'The Reflections of the International Relations Bureau of TKP on Turkey’s June 24 Elections'.

    As Turkey enters presidential and parliamentary elections first time in its history, the International Bureau of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) issued a report analysing the snap elections in Turkey, its background and the anticipations regarding the elections. Since President Tayyip Erdogan increasingly became a symbol of aggression not only in Turkey but also in international politics, TKP elaborates the role of Erdogan in Turkish bourgeois politics and his position in the crisis of imperialism. It also discusses the role of the 'left' in the elections in relation to bourgeois alternatives to Erdogan.


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