• Rights for workers key to post-pandemic recovery

    There must be an urgent reassessment to the way traditionally low-paid and precarious professions are valued and recognised, Left MEPs urge on International Workers’ Day. 

  • Long live International Workers Day!

    On this International Workers’ Day, the coronavirus crisis has demonstrated, in stark and dramatic ways, that it is the labour power of the working class – whether by hand or brain – which makes our society function.

    We could manage without the bankers, the speculators, the property tycoons, the wealthy shareholders – but our society would collapse in one week without the workers who provide our essential industries and services. Capitalism’s bankers and financiers and billionaires like Richard Branson have their begging bowls out for public money when their system is in crisis – yet they take evey opportunity to live as tax exiles overseas to avoid paying tax.

  • 1st of May Statement of WFTU Office in the Middle East

    Dear workers all around the world

    We wish you a Happy May Day although our current conditions under COVID-19 are not so. This year, our May Day comes in one of the worst crises that has ever struck the entire planet that is COVID-19 epidemic. This virus has affected our world, life, work and economy. All economists agree that the global economy is witnessing one of its worst conditions which is much worse than the 2008 crisis. They state that unemployment will dramatically increase in an unprecedented rate. As usual, workers are the weakest strata that suffer from any crisis. At these days of COVID-19 epidemic, workers suffer two sides of struggle. On one side, they have to keep themselves at their houses and workplace as precautious and alert in order not to be infected by the virus. On the other side, they have to keep working fearing that they would be fired from their jobs if they don’t do so. A lot of workers have already lost their jobs out of the general lockdown of businesses especially the unorganized economy.

  • For the immediate release of Palestinian political prisoners from Israeli prisons

    At a time of pandemic crisis, the release of Palestinian political prisoners from Israeli prisons becomes even more urgent.

    Victims of the Israeli occupation and its systematic violation of the fundamental human rights of the Palestinians, there are, according to the Samidoun solidarity network, approximately 5000 Palestinian political prisoners imprisoned by Zionist colonialism, including more than 180 children, 430 prisoners under the regime of administrative detention, without charges or trial, and 700 sick prisoners, 200 of whom have chronic and serious illnesses, which put them at even greater risk if the Covid-19 pandemic spreads through the jails.

  • Venezuela registers 331 COVID-19 cases

    “Venezuela registers 331 COVID-19 cases as two new cases were detected in recent hours,” informed Vice-president Delcy Rodríguez.

    During an updated briefing on coronavirus in Venezuela at the Miraflores Presidential Palace, Rodríguez explained that 42.9% of COVID-19 patients, 142 people, have recovered.

  • Foreign Minister Arreaza: Europe seeks to distract its public opinion from the erratic management of the Coronavirus

    The People’s Power Minister for Foreign Relations Jorge Arreaza said on Wednesday that the countries of Europe intend to distract their public opinion from the erratic handling of the coronavirus by expressing concern about the pandemic in Venezuela.

    The pronouncement arose in response to the attack by Germany, France and the United Kingdom that debated this April 28 in the virtual session of the UN Security Council, the alleged impact that the economic situation of Venezuela has had on humanitarian care, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Joint List’s Petition of High Court Ends Unchecked Civil Surveillance

    Joint List IsraelIn a blow to the far-right government, Israel’s High Court of Justice handed down a ruling on Sunday evening, April 26, that the state must pass legislation if it wants to continue the surveillance of citizens and others possibly infected with COVID-19 by its internal Security Agency (“Shin Bet”).

  • The »New Marshall Plan« and the communists' response

    kke greeceBy Dimitris Koutsoumbas, General Secretary of the CC of the KKE

    The outbreak of the pandemic, its rapid spread, its profound consequences for human life and especially in the more developed capitalist economies, have brought great problems to the surface, which of course pre-existed, but emerged today in a loud and tragic way. The big contradictions and contrasts are even more evident in all aspects of social, economic, political, cultural life and reality, in each country individually and internationally. We must definitely make a greater collective effort and contribution not only to record and codify the new issues, but also further highlight them as well as the main trends of the developments, to draw the necessary conclusions and tasks, both in theoretical and in political, practical level. After all, many issues and aspects are still in progress.

  • Venezuela registers four new COVID-19 cases

    Sectorial Vice-president of Communication, Culture and Tourism Jorge Rodríguez informed on Monday afternoon that Venezuela recorded four new COVID-19 cases in the states of Anzoategui, Nueva Esparta and Bolivar for a total of 329 cases.

  • World Day of Health and Safety at Work 2020: Immediate full protection measures at workplaces against Covid-19

    On the occasion of the World Day of Health and Safety at Work 2020, on April 28th, amid the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the World Federation of Trade Unions reiterates its demand for immediate full protection measures against COVID-19 at workplaces for all workers.

       Every year 6.300 people lose their life due to occupational “accidents”, full majority of which are employers’ crimes, while more than 2.3 million deaths of workers occur from work-related diseases. 317 million “accidents” take place in the workplaces annually. This year, the workers are also faced with the threat of the COVID-19 Pandemic which spreads quickly inside crowded offices, factories, warehouses, mines, cruises and other workplaces, or public transport that workers use to go to their work.

  • India: Joint Leaflet On the Occasion of May Day by Central Trade Unions

    Comrades, friends, brothers and sisters May Day Greetings !

    Today the working people face very serious attacks.

    Using Covid-19 as an excuse, the employers and Governments want to push us back to those days, 134 years ago, when the Chicago martyrs sacrificed their lives fighting for 8 hour work day. The BJP Government at the centre is reportedly taking measures to legalise 12 hour working day. The BJP governments in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh have already issued notifications to that effect.

  • Fearing Possible Popular Uprising, Ministers Seek to Limit Protest Size

    Far-right governmental ministers are reportedly pushing to limit the size of protests as part of restrictions ostensibly aimed at containing the coronavirus. Until now, protests have been one of the few public activities allowed under Israel’s strict lockdown rules. The most prominent of these protests have been political in nature directed against far-right and corrupt Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but small businesses owners, self-employed Israelis and workers in industries hit hard by the curbs on economic activity have also been holding rallies over the lack of assistance from the government.

  • Venezuela detects 5 new Covid-19 infections and the number rises to 323 cases

    “In the last 24 hours, 5 new cases have been detected, they are referenced by Venezuelans who returned to the country through the Táchira state and who are in compulsory quarantine social care positions”, said Delcy Rodríguez, Executive Vice-president of the Republic, offering the usual balance of Coronavirus (Covid-19) statistics in the country.

  • The USA concentrates 38% of the cases of Covid-19 in the world

    “The epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic remains the United States, where 38% of the world’s cases are concentrated”, said Executive Vice-president Delcy Rodríguez.

    Showing an interactive map in real time, Rodríguez explained that “the United States practically approaches one million cases, 955 thousand 362 cases in total”, of which 30 thousand 130 infections have been registered in the last hours.

  • COVID-19 cases rise to 318 in Venezuela

    After 7 new cases were confirmed in two states, Venezuela has registered 318 COVID-19 cases since March 13, reported Vice-president of Communication, Culture and Tourism Jorge Rodríguez, who explained that recent cases were found in the states of Nueva Esparta (4) and Táchira (3).

    At the Miraflores Presidential Palace, in Caracas, he pointed out that the cases detected in Táchira come from the Venezuela-Colombia border. Therefore, he informed that health authorities keep Venezuela’s western border under strict surveillance in the face of the lifting of quarantine in Colombia.

  • Teachers-Students-Parents Protest Against the Government’s Attack on Education

    With a symbolic protest today, Friday, April 24, class unions of teachers, students and parents’ organizations protested in front of the Parliament against the announcements of the Government to impose new obstacles in students’ education.

    During the pandemic the Greek Government announced a series of anti-popular measures that undermine Free-public schools and the access of children from working class families to higher education. Also, during the epidemic and while there are huge problems on how students can attend their lessons, the Government raise the number of students per classroom to more than 25!

  • On May 1st a large telematic demonstration will cross Italy

    Primo MaggioOn May 1st a big demonstration will cross the whole Italy with the slogan “Zero Patience”. In times of social distancing it will be a telematic demonstration but no less full of strength and anger: a non-stop live broadcast, on the websites and social networks of the sponsoring organizations, will tell the struggles, complaints and solidarity initiatives – interspersed with contributions from the world of music – that give a glimpse of the birth of another society.

  • “Urgent need for a stronger Communist party”

    ‘Yet, at this very time, the pro-capitalist forces in the Labour Party are triumphant behind new leader Keir Starmer, determined to push the party back to the mushy middle-ground and marginalise the left’, he warned.

    Mr Johnson said the recent internal report on anti-Semitism in the Labour Party recounted a ‘horror story’ of abuse, sabotage and betrayal of the party and its former leader Jeremy Corbyn and his team’.

  • Health Workers Outraged after Pay Docked for Their Quarantine Time

    redglobeNurses and doctors are furious that they are losing money from paychecks if they encounter the coronavirus in the line of duty and end up having to self-quarantine. Thousands of health professionals saw a decrease in their latest salary payments, because time spent in compulsory quarantine after coming into contact with an infected person was treated as sick days, which are accounted at a reduced rate of pay.

    Anger reached a new high after Ephraim Malkin, a senior Finance Ministry official, called health workers’ demands for full pay when quarantined “excessive and unbalanced” in a meeting last Monday, April 20, of the Knesset’s Special Committee on Welfare and Labor Affairs.

  • We Paid Too Much! We Will Not Pay Again!


    PAME calls all workers, the youth to raise our fist, to not give in, to not accept to pay again their crisis.  We will not decrease our demands. We will not give up our rights, our life. We will give a militant response with our collective procedures and our trade unions to the business groups, to the government that want to have us  as slaves after the pandemic, working from dawn till night, when and where they want, for pennies.