13 | 11 | 2019

In response to Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage's decision not to stand candidates against sitting Tory MPs, Communist Party general secretary issued the following statement today (Monday, November 11):

"It is entirely in keeping with Nigel Farage's right-wing political history that he wants the Tories to win the General Election. But his decision also exposes the vulnerability of Labour's move towards an anti-Brexit position, having dropped its pledge to honour the EU referendum result and adopted a second referendum instead. Only a Labour government with its left and progressive policies will end austerity and privatisation, although it would quickly discover that EU rules on competition, state aid, public procurement, the corporate right of establishment and the free movement of capital will be used in attempts to sabotage Labour's programme".

The Communist Party reaffirms its commitment of September 23 to work for the election of a left-led Labour government in the forthcoming General Election. This is the only attainable outcome that would serve the interests of the working class and peoples of Britain. Thus we are calling for a clear-cut victory for Labour led by Jeremy Corbyn and for its left and progressive policies.

After nine years of Tory rule, assisted for the first five by their LibDem collaborators, the working class and people generally are desperate for an end to austerity, privatisation, militarism and imperialist war. They need what only Labour is proposing in this General Election and could deliver in office - policies to promote full employment; public ownership of key industries and utilities; a reinvigorated strategy for regional economic development; a more progressive tax system and a major redistribution of wealth and power in favour of working people and their families. We welcome Labour's commitment to a massive public sector housebuilding programme; renationalisation of the railways and other privatised industries and services; large-scale investment in public services; a 'Green New Deal' for environmental security including a universal home insulation programme; new rights for workers and unions, including the revival of sectoral collective bargaining; comprehensive social care for the elderly; and substantial increases in pensions and social benefits.

Workers’ Party President Michael Donnelly has condemned the apparent arson attack which took place targetting Sinn Féin TD Martin Kenny. 

Speaking following the attacks, Donnelly said: 

“What took place at Deputy Kenny’s home appeared to be a pre-meditated and targetted attempt to silence anti-racist activists in the community. It is a sinister signal that dangerous, far right individuals and groups have begun to take hold in our communities. “

Some months ago, I was approached by an old friend with a query. A work colleague of his was exploring the option of running in the local elections on a youth mental health platform and was looking for advice on how best to run the campaign.

Why this person decided the best way to tackle the issue of mental health was through the granting of dog licenses and planning permission, is a story for another article, their main concern was whether to run as a principled independent in an area where they had no name recognition, or to sell their soul at the altar of Fianna Fáil in the hopes that the weight of their political brand would get them over the proverbial line.

Today, SOS MEDITERRANEE and Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) call on a broad coalition of European States to urgently facilitate the assignment of a port to the Ocean Viking and to finally put in place a predictable and coordinated disembarkation mechanism as discussed in Luxembourg earlier this month. The Ocean Viking, a rescue ship chartered by SOS MEDITERRANEE in partnership with Médecins sans Frontières (MSF), is still stranded, waiting for a Place of Safety for the disembarkation of 104 people rescued in international waters off Libya ten days ago.

“In the past four months, several European leaders met on three occasions (in Paris, Malta and Luxembourg) showing a will to establish a temporary disembarkation and distribution mechanism for people rescued in the Central Mediterranean,” said Louise Guillaumat, Deputy-Director of SOS MEDITERRANEE’s Operations. “Yet today, 104 survivors are once again left in limbo on the deck of a rescue ship with no solution for their disembarkation in sight, adding to their suffering after being rescued from distress at sea. Europe can and should show more solidarity towards its coastal States,” she added.

APPEAL of the 21st IMCWP

20 October 2019, İzmir

 The 21 st International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties has taken place once again in Turkey after four years, this time in İzmir, under the mutual responsibility of the KKE and the TKP. The 137 participants representing 74 parties from 58 countries, express their comradely gratitude to both parties for undertaking this responsibility. 

This year is the 100 th anniversary of the founding of the Comintern. We witnessed numerous situations that prove to us again and again the importance of solidarity and joint struggles of communist parties and the importance of the union of the revolutionary efforts for the overcoming of capitalism as a destructive world system with no future. 

On October 20, the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NKPJ) commemorated the 75th anniversary of Belgrade’s liberation from Nazi German occupation at the end of WWII. During the ceremony, Party members laid wreaths at the Memorial Cemetery of Belgrade Liberators. Members of the Central Committee of the NKPJ, along with the General Secretary of the Party, paid tribute to the fallen heroes of the National Liberation Army and the Red Army.

European Union leaders continue to flout the rights of asylum seekers, despite criticism from the United Nations and NGOs. Certain solicitors feel that the situation in the Mediterranean, where hundreds of migrants have died since January, resembling a ‘crime against humanity’.

Are the migration policies of EU member states at the point where they deserve a new Nuremberg Trial? For many years Leoluca Orlando, the Mayor of Palermo, has been calling for more. In early June, a prosecutor for the International Criminal Court, Fatou Bensouda, accepted the complaint from two solicitors who accused the EU of ‘crimes against humanity’.Omar Shatz, a member of the Global Action Network and Juan Branco, former assistant to the first prosecutor of the ICC, referred to the policies as ‘attempting to stop the flow of migrants towards Europe at all costs, including the murder of thousands of civilians’. Shatz and Branco are saying that European leaders must be held accountable for having ‘orchestrated, either directly or indirectly, the arrest and incarceration of 40,000 people who had fled the hell which Libya had become for them’.

HDPTurkey’s unlawful invasion of northern Syria seeks not only to destroy the possibility of a Kurdish-led autonomous region there but also to reshape domestic politics though militarism and Islamist-nationalist discourses aimed at destroying the democratic opposition at home, first and foremost the HDP – the only anti-war party at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

With the start of the invasion on 9 October 2019, Turkish government completely shut down the democratic political field and suspended even the most basic rights such as freedom of expression, freedom of press, the right to assembly and peaceful protest. It banned any critical news about the war in the media. Leave aside criticizing the invasion; even calling it an “invasion” or “war” is criminalized by the government as “supporting terrorism” or “treason.”

The workers in Municipalities have decided and realize strikes from October 17 to October 24 to prevent the new Greek government from passing a law that prevents the trade union’s activity, privatizes the collection and transportation of solid waste, the cleanliness of public land and municipal buildings, the maintenance of green and electricity. The workers demand the withdrawal of the antilabor law.

The Communist Party of Britain urges MPs to support the swift passage of the new EU Withdrawal Bill which is due to have its Second Reading vote later today (October 22).

'While we have substantial reservations about aspects of the proposed legislation, the issue of Britain's membership needs to be settled so that Labour can go into an imminent General Election on a bold, radical manifesto of domestic policies', Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths declared.

'The alternative is a General Election campaign dominated by Brexit, with Boris Johnson accusing Labour of failing to abide by its own pledge to honour the people's vote in June 2016 to leave the European Union', he argued.

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