Thursday, 26. April 2018

1ST MAY 2018 – Against exploitation and imperialistic war for the final victory of the peoples

Greeks and migrants – All together in the strike demonstration at 10am in Syntagma

By strengthening the organization and unity of Greek and migrants’ workers, we honor the 1st of May, the International Day of the working class.We honor all those who gave their lives for 8hour workday in order to have rights to work and life.

All In The Strike Mobilizations

Workers, unemployed, young workers,

May 1st is strike, day of the world working class, inspection of our forces and a springboard of new struggles. We honor our dead, Chicago in 1886, the cigarette workers of May 36, the two hundreds of Kessariani of the 1st May 44.

On Tuesday, April 17, unions, workers and students rallied in thousands outside the Courthouse of Athens in solidarity with the arrested young militants, who were injured, kidnapped and arrested during the antiimperialist demonstration of Monday, April 16. When the arrested militants were brought to the courthouse, they were welcomed with slogans against imperialism and applause of support and “booed” the police.

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In spite of no evidence against them and that they were in fact assaulted by the police, the arrested militants are accused with very heavy charges and were given trial date for April 25. They were set free, pending trial.

After the bombardment of the imperialist governments of the USA, the UK and France in Syria, we can easily see who are the friends and who are the enemies of these imperialist forces. The violent attack with tear gas and other chemicals implemented by SYRIZA/ANEL Government against the protest action of anti-imperialist youth in Greece clearly proves that this government has an unconditional support for all the imperialist policies that kill thousands of innocent people in every corner of the world.

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On Monday April 16th riot police forces launched an attack against demonstrating university and high school students and workers using tear gas and stun grenades in the center of Athens near the Truman statue which students went to tear down in a symbolic move of condemnation of American imperialism that together with Great Britain and France carried out the recent intervention in Syria.

In a statement from the Press Bureau of the CC of the KKE it reads:

The KKE condemns the attack of the riot police forces using tear gas and stun grenades against a demonstration that was organized by trade unions, university and high school student associations against the imperialist attack on Syria. The result were two arrests and two injured protestors.

PAME denounces the assault on the anti-imperialist mobilization of the youth.

Under the command of the SYRIZA-ANEL government, the forces of Riot Police attacked with bats, chemicals, tear gas and flash grenades against the mobilization. In fact, the forces of repression, hit with murderous blows and sent three protesters to the hospital, even came to the point and kidnapped 3 students who participated in the mobilization.

pameOn March 29 in Thessaloniki, workers’ Unions, Farmers associations, students’ and self employed organizations organized a big demonstration against an event organized by the Greek Government, where key speaker would be the Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

pameThe National Workers’ Federation in Food-Drink Industries held a National Strike on Thursday, March 29, in the Milk, Food and Beverages sector for the signing of Collective Agreements with increases in wages. The struggle of the strike began on Wednesday night with strike picket lines in a number of industries (like Coca-Cola) all over Greece

In the recent period, the SYRIZA-ANEL government has granted new military bases to the USA and NATO, while it is participating in all of the military operations and police missions of NATO and the EU.

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