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european leftThe EL demands the cessation of military maneuvers, lifting of sanctions, and cooperation to confront the pandemic.

It is mind-bending to note that while humanity as a whole is facing one of its worst challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic, while the Secretary of the United Nations has called for a general cease-fire of all conflicts to deal with it, when millions of people are threatened with death, particularly the poorest, the European Union releases a statement on Venezuela in which “takes positive note of the framework of democratic transition” proposed by President Trump.

President Trump has denied the severity of the coronavirus, and has exposed many of his citizens to death. Far from cooperating with other countries to confront Covid-19, the United States attempts piracy attitudes to hoard medical supplies where they can. Instead, President Maduro has decided very early a lock-down of the country, and has asked for and offered international cooperation to face the pandemic.

The European Union calls for a political solution, but remains silent on the aggressive military maneuvers undertaken by the United States and its servants within the region, as well as on the shameful offer of money for the capture of the President of Venezuela with the usual false accusation of drug trafficking. It is the same old pretext that the United States, (the main drug user in the planet), has used to intervene in many countries on the planet.

Just as the European Union was totally wrong in repeatedly demanding that member countries cut their public health services (with the tragic consequences that we are experiencing), once again the European Union is wrong in its policy towards Venezuela, maintaining sanctions and supporting the imperial claims of the United States that only seek to monopolize Venezuela’s oil and natural wealth, as they did in Iraq and Libya.

For the good of all Venezuelans and Europeans, the Party of the European Left calls on the European Union to clearly condemn and demand the cancellation of the military maneuvers undertaken on the borders of Venezuela, the permanent harassment and blockades, and the threats of capture of President Maduro.

The Party of the European Left demands the immediate lifting of all sanctions against Venezuela, the immediate release of funds and assets captured in an abusive manner by financial entities, and the establishment of active cooperation with that country and all others to confront the Covid-19.

The EU cannot be complicit in a criminal policy that threatens life itself.

Brussels, 4-4-2020

Source: European Left / RedGlobe

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