Wednesday, 17. October 2018

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  1. The Cuban government has prioritized measures to address the country’s decreasing birth rate and population ageing

  2. The World Federation of Trade Unions, representing more than 95 million workers in 130 countries of the 5 continents, extends its sincere condolences to the families and friends of the 60 people who lost their lives by a pipeline explosion in southeast Nigeria. The accident took place on October 12th, 2018 in the town of Aba, when the petrol pipeline of a state-run company, exploded after catching fire. As the world class oriented trade union movement, we stand in solidarity with the workers and the people of Nigeria. We demand adequate safety measures that will protect the people from disasters and accidents, such as this one that often occur, and better living and working conditions. The Secretariat
  3. This afternoon, the U.S. government called a press conference to slander Cuba in the UN’s Economic and Social Council hall. As the meeting concluded, a teleSUR correspondent stated, “This is the environment. The meeting is over. The hall almost empty. Very few of those invited by the U.S.”

  4. The decades he lived far away, first in Sweden and later in Spain, never made Bebo Valdés less ours, or stopped him from promoting Cuban music

  5. Sixty-five years after Fidel delivered his celebrated self-defense, this document continues to capture the essence of the project Cuba has undertaken

  6. The World Federation of Trade Unions expresses its sincere condolence with the families of the nine climbers who lost their lives due to the strong storm and vicious snowstorm hit their camp in the camp on Nepal’s Mount Gurja. We constantly demand and struggle for adequate safety measures in all the aspects of the life and we are confident that the class-oriented trade union movement of Nepal will continue to struggle in this direction ensuring the health and safety of the people in work and society. We express our solidarity with the Nepalese people and we call the working class to keep pursuing and fighting for better living and working conditions. The Secretariat
  7. The steady expansion of the Meliá hotel chain in Cuba is made evident by the more than 14,000 rooms it will have on the island by the end of the year

  8. Cuba’s President led a government visit to the province to evaluate the situation left in the wake of Hurricane Michael

  9. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs General Director for the United States, Carlos Fernández de Cossío, denounces increasingly hostile rhetoric directed by Washington toward Cuba

  10. The National Democratic Front of the Philippines–North Eastern Mindanao Region (NDFP-NEMR) along with all the revolutionary forces in the region strongly condemn and call on the people to make the US-Duterte regime answer for the deliberate manipulation of the economy that has resulted to severe rice crisis and price increases of goods in the country in order for the foreign monopoly capitalists, big bourgeois compradors and landlords to gain even greater profits.

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  11. The NDFP-Mindanao is one with the struggle of the Filipino peasantry, especially the poor and middle farmers, in Mindanao, who, along with hapless Filipino workers and other toiling classes in the country, bear the brunt of the current rice crisis, high inflation, military onslaught, and the semi-feudal exploitation and oppression maintained and exacerbated presently by the US-Duterte regime.

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  12. A poem by Jose Maria Sison

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  13. It is fine that Duterte admits lately that tough economic times are ahead for the Filipino people who are now already reeling from the inflationary conditions. He contradicts his previous declaration in Bali that the Philippine economy is on an upward trajectory.

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  14. Defense Secretary Lorenzana yesterday made himself look stupid by claiming that the AFP has successfully foiled "Red October," a "plot" which they themselves invented. This is after several weeks of failing to convince the incredulous public of the existence of a supposed "conspiracy" between various political forces with the CPP to oust Duterte and instead rousing widespread indignation and display of vigilance against Duterte's insidious plans.

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  15. The Cubadisco 2018 Grand Prize was awarded to the singer for her tribute album to Adolfo Guzmán

  16. The Trump administration have caused a setback in sports relations between Cuba and the U.S. - affecting international volleyball competition notably, among other negative consequences

  17. Speech delivered by Miguel M. Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, President of the Councils of State and Ministers, during the political-cultural commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the beginning of our independence struggle, in La Demajagua, Granma, October 10, 2018, Year 60 of the Revolution

  18. Esteban Lazo, President of the National Assembly of People’s Power, toured the recently inaugurated Segundo Frente Hotel

  19. Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, President of Cuba’s Councils of State and Ministers emphasized sensitivity to the population’s needs during a visit to the municipality of Batabanó

  20. KTAMS protested the government’s failure to take no measures to protect the purchasing power of the citizens in the face of the recent price hikes. Participants carried the banners on which were written ”ENOUGH”, “”Whoever caused this crisis should be the one who’ll pay for it”, “We won’t suffer under the hikes”. The protesters started marching from KTAMS Headquarters with drums and arrived at the TRNC Assembly at 10:00 am. They protested the government with black balloons and black clothes. The union officials read the press release and then submitted their proposals to the Assembly.
  21. “Capitalist system still remains the enemy of the working class, Especially now that it is undergoing the international capitalist crisis. The struggle is still there.A strong and united trade union movement is what we need.” Eric “Stalin” Mtshali, in “South African Worker and WFTU, Shoulder to Shoulder”, February 2012   It is with great sorrow that we heard about comrade’s Eric “Stalin” Mtshali’s death, a historic figure of the class-oriented trade union movement in South Africa and a firm militant against neocolonialism, apartheid and imperialism. Comrade Mtshali has always stood as a symbol, representing the common struggle of the South African people along with the World Federation of Trade Unions, an example of internationalism and unequivocal commitment to the world working...
  22. The World Federation of Trade Unions, representing more than 95 million workers in 130 countries of the 5 continents strongly condemns the plan of NIKE for thousand layoffs, starting with the dismissals of 1,500 unionized workers at the Kaho Indah Citra Garment factory in Indonesia. Among the workers who are losing their jobs, there are employees who were producing for almost two decades for the company. The monopolies create countless profits, based on the work and sweat of the workers, such as the ones who are condemned to the insecurity and their dignity is threatened by the NIKE layoff plan. More specific, at the same time that NIKE plans to dismiss thousands of workers, seeking a cheaper workforce, records 9,9 billion incomes and net revenue 1,1 billion USD during the period April...
  23. Honourable Ceremony for the stalwarts of the South African Trade Union Movement. The families who received the honour were the families of Moses Kotane, Moses Mabhida, Lesley Masina, Michael Harmel, Eric Mtshali, JB Marks, John Nkadimeng
  24. 'The real message from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is that capitalism has caused the deadly global warming crisis and is incapable of solving it', John Foster told the Communist Party's political committee on Wednesday evening.

    Pointing out that burning oil and gas accounts for 50 per cent of global carbon emissions, he said the big corporations showed no intention of helping reach the Paris Agreement targets to limit global warming to 2°C, let alone 1.5°C.

  25. In desperation to perpetuate itself in power, it is expected that the US-Duterte regime will use all sinister means, not least conspiracy theories, to justify its rising tyranny against the people. As the AFP’s Eastern Mindanao Command tries urgently to whip up hysteria with the regime’s self-concocted Red October plot, the New People’s Army units in the region are frustrating the enemy’s encirclement campaigns through intensified guerrilla warfare.

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  26. A century and a half has passed since the cry for Cuban independence. It was the year 1868, and there was something new in the air at the La Demajagua sugar mill, where the atmosphere could be cut with a machete

  27. The US-Duterte Regime is mistaken in red-tagging activists and persecuting Duterte's critics as this will only intensify the people's rage and its growing resistance against the current fascist, corrupt and puppet regime. It is assuring the broadening of the united front that will bring Duterte to his downfall.

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  28. The President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Díaz-Canel, this October 10th has sent his first tweet from his official account @DiazCanelB.

  29. We are publishing the Poster of the Conference of Maritime Transport Workers and Dockers of African and Mediterranean Countries of WFTU and UGTD, that will take place in Djibouti, in November 12-13, 2018. Trade unionists from the above sectors and regions, send your participation to this important Conference!
  30. L’accord commercial ALENA-AEUMC annoncé par les États-Unis et le Canada a été revendiqué comme une victoire tant par Donald Trump que Justin Trudeau. Mais du point de vue des travailleuses et des travailleurs, cet accord ne fait que renforcer le pouvoir des entreprises capitalistes. Le Parti communiste du Canada demande au Parlement de refuser de [...]
  31. The World Federation of Trade Unions, on the behalf of its 95 million members in 130 countries all over the globe, extends its internationalist solidarity with the National Education, Health and Allied Workers’ Union,  “NEHAWU” of South Africa, and firmly supports their strike and mobilizations that begin on October 10th, 2018, in all South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) workplaces across the country. The strike comes as a result of the refusal by the SASSA management to fulfill the workers’ demands and to resolve the problems that the SASSA system presents, while this struggle is waged both for the interests of the SASSA workers and of its 17 million beneficiaries, who consist the most vulnerable section of South Africa and rely only on SASSA for...
  32. Duterte's call on AFP and PNP units to "neutralize" the NPA and to shoot even captured revolutionaries is an open endorsement for the AFP to kill with impunity. It highlights anew his regime's contempt for international humanitarian law (IHL) and due process.

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  33. The definition in the draft Constitution of marriage as a “union between two people” has been one of the most debated issues during the popular consultation process. Dr. Ana María Álvarez-Tabío Albo spoke to Granma regarding the arguments that support this decision

  34. The NAFTA-USMCA agreement announced by the US and Canada has been claimed as a victory by both Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau; but for working people, this deal only tightens the corporate handcuffs. The Communist Party of Canada calls on Parliament to refuse to ratify the USMCA, and we urge the labour and democratic movements [...]
  35. The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) joins the Filipino people in denouncing President Duterte for his callous show of affluence by going on a private Hongkong weekend shopping spree with his mistress and youngest daughter.

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  36. On behalf of the European Regional Office of WFTU we express our solidarity and we demand the immediate release of Ozgur Karabulut, President of Progressive Union of Construction workers in Turkey and all imprisoned workers protesting against slave labour and inhuman conditions in the Istanbul new airport construction. We condemn the violation of the construction workers rights  in the Istanbul new airport,  and we stand in solidarity with  their struggle for decent work and decent working and living conditions. The European Regional Office of WFTU. 8/10/2018.
  37. The Marine Battalion Landing Team-2 suffer heavy casualty in the recent armed encounters against the forces of the Mt. Daguma Subregional Operations Command of the New People’s Army ― Far South Mindanao.

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  38. We write to add our voice to the 91% of Canadians who urge the government of Canada to introduce a universal, accessible, comprehensive and portable single-payer public prescription drug system by expanding the Canada Health Act to include prescription drugs dispensed outside hospital. We are among the more than 70 national and provincial organizations in [...]
  39. The legal and political battle around the Ontario government’s Bill 5, the Better Local Government Act, once again proves the need for democratic constitutional reform in Canada. The City of Toronto’s successful initial court challenge of Bill 5 was a victory for local democracy and the public. Specifically, the Ontario Superior Court struck down a [...]
  40. The recent TUC conference in Manchester marked a small but significant shift to the left, Communist Party trade union organiser Andy Bain told his party's Political Committee on Wednesday evening.

    He welcomed resolutions on the economy, privatisation, precarious and low-paid work, a 'New Deal' for workers, public sector pay, social security and universal credit, the Grenfell Towers and Windrush scandals, a national education service, sexual harassment and fracking.

  41. A well attended TUC fringe meeting in Manchester heard the case for a 'People's Brexit' on Tuesday evening.

    Local Labour MP Graham Stringer made clear his opposition to right-wing neoliberal policies whether they came from pro- or anti-EU Tory MPs. In particular, he defended his decision not to support a Commons amendment from Tory pro-EU rebels that would have limited the ability of a future British government to reform VAT.

    Theresa May's government only narrowly won the vote. A subsequent attempt in Mr Stringer's constituency party to censure the MP was heavily defeated.

  42. This pamphlet is an output from the Communist Party trade union school in May 2018 and aims to play a part in the necessary shift in class forces to bring about progress for the vast majority, who work for a living or are available to do so, in a socialist Britain.

  43. The Communist Party of Canada welcomes today’s Federal Court of Appeal ruling which overturns the federal government’s approvals to build the Trans Mountain expansion project. This decision builds upon decades of legal and political struggles by Indigenous peoples in British Columbia and across Canada; it is truly a historic victory over the resource extraction corporations [...]
  44. On Labour Day 2018, the working class faces many crucial challenges: the growing chasm between rich and poor, the ongoing austerity assault against working people, a gender pay gap which never gets narrower, the twin threats of imperialist wars and deadly climate change, and the looming possibility of a new and serious global capitalist economic [...]
  45. The YCL Summer Camp for 2018 was a huge success over the weekend. Young comrades gathered in the village of Edale and retrod the steps of Benny Rothman and other activists back in April 1932, in celebration of the Kinder Scout Trespass.

  46. The ongoing diplomatic dispute between Canada and Saudi Arabia is a tragic reflection of the catastrophic abuses of human rights in our world today – but not in the way presented by Canadian political leaders and the corporate media. The Communist Party of Canada says that this situation reveals the hypocrisy of both sides, neither [...]
  47. 'Operation Stop Corbyn' has gone up a gear as the prospect of a left-led Labour government gets nearer, according to Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths.

    He told his party's Political Committee on Wednesday evening (August 15) that British ruling class circles were determined to prevent the election of a socialist Prime Minister who has a long record of opposing austerity, privatisation, nuclear weapons and imperialist war.

  48. Communists condemn assassination attempt on Venezuela’s President Maduro and demand Canada end its sanctions now and cut ties with Venezuela’s far right opposition. The Communist Party of Canada condemns the attempted assassination of Venezuela’s newly elected President Nicolas Maduro on August 4th as an act of terrorism. Six arrests have been made so far and [...]
  49. According to the latest news, the number of people that died in the fires in forest fires near Athens reached 60. We would like to send our condolences to the families of the deceased and the people of Greece. The Greek Prime Minister Tsiprasstated that the fact the fires started both in the east and
  50. The Communist Party of Canada condemns Prime Minister Trudeau’s announcement at the NATO summit this past week that Canada will lead a new NATO mission in Iraq and expand its military role in Latvia. Canada must immediately withdraw from NATO, cut military spending and bring Canadian troops home. While the US government continued to push [...]
  51. Since April 2018 Daniel Ortega’s Sandinista government in Nicaragua has been facing a growing wave of civil insurgency – very similar to that seen in Venezuela in 2016 and 2017.  It follows two years’ preparations for economic warfare by the US.

  52. Addressing the Communist Party's political committee on Thursday evening, Alex Gordon recalled the words of Bolshevik revolutionary VI Lenin: 'There are decades where nothing happens and there are weeks where decades happen'.

    In just one week, Prime Minister Theresa May had met German Chancellor Angela Merkel, moved against the Eurosceptics in her own party and precipitated what could prove to be a fatal spate of resignations from the Tory Cabinet.

  53. It’s becoming clearer by the day.  Communists believe that securing full social equality rights for LGBTIQ2S communities in Canada is part of a wider global movement to advance human rights by building socialism. The past year has seen some progressive steps and several setbacks. A glance at the latest State-Sponsored Homophobia Report gives a sobering picture of a backward [...]
  54. The Labour Party (EMEP) Executive Board (GYK) assessed the results of the June 24th elections. During the two-day meetings, the election process, the election day, and the events that followed were discussed in detail. EMEP published a statement after the discussion “Erdoğan and the Presidential Alliance evaluated the victory of the elections as an “advantage”
  55. The elections on 24 June took place under conditions of OHAL (State of Emergency), inequality, media monopoly and the oppressive, polarising political discourse of the government. Therefore, Erdoğan’s declaration of a “celebration of democracy” – which he based on high participation – does not reflect reality. You cannot claim that the election was just or
  56. Turkey entered a hurried election period with a decision from the Presidential Alliance. Despite repeated protests since the beginning of OHAL (state of emergency) against antidemocratic conditions, Erdoğan ve Bahçeli took the erroneous decision of going to an election. This is a demonstration of how uninterested they are in a democratic election process and a
  57. “In the early hours of Saturday, 14th April, the US, British and French warplanes and missiles hit Syria. These attacks had no justification. Imperialist powers once again attacked another country without presenting any concrete evidence, as was the case in Iraq. These imperialist aggressors claim to represent the international community and state that they punish
  58. As the Labour Youth, we are calling the youth of Turkey to unite against these war policies and join the struggle for peace and an independent, democratic, secular country! AKP government had been trying to convince the people for operation to Afrin in the name of a nationalist foreign policy, and the operation has started
  59. As the Labour Party (EMEP), we call on the peoples of Turkey and workers of all nationalities to demand an ‘END’ to the Afrin operation, which pushes the country into a ring of fire for the interests of the government The Afrin Operation, started Saturday following long preparations, is celebrated by the government and its
  60. امریکی سامراج کے صدر رونلڈ ٹرمپ کے نام کمیونسٹ پارٹی آف پاکستان کا خصوصی پیغام آپ نے آج اپنی ٹوئٹ میں کہا ہے کہ پچھلے پندرہ سالوں میں ہمارے حکمرانوں نے جن میں جنرل پرویز مشرف, آصف علی زرداری اور سابق وزیر اعظم نواز شریف شامل ہیں انہوں نے امریکہ کے 33 ارب ڈالرز کی امداد میں ہیرا پھیری اور غرد برڈ کی ہے ٹرمپ صاحب! ہمارے حکمرانوں کو سوائے کمیشن اور پیسہ بٹورنے کے علاوہ اور کسی کام میں … Continue reading
  61. آصف علی زرداری, شہباز شریف اور جہانگیر ترین واجب القتل ہیں. کاش ایسا مذہبی فتوی اگر ہمارے علمائے کرام دیتے تو کمیونسٹ پارٹی آف پاکستان (سی پی پی) کھلے عام ان کی حمایت کرتی حکومت نے پنجاب میں کم از کم گنے کی سرکاری قیمت خرید 182 روپے اور سندھ میں 180 روپے فی من مقرر کی ہے مگر سندھ میں زرداری کی گیارہ شوگر ملز, پنجاب میں جہانگیر ترین اور وزیراعلیٰ شہباز شریف کی لاتعداد شوگر ملیں ان بےبس … Continue reading
  62. قائداعظم کے یوم ولادت پر چیئرمین کمیونسٹ پارٹی آف پاکستان (سی پی پی) انجینئر جمیل احمد ملک کا خصوصی پیغام قائد اعظم محمد علی جناح سیکولر پاکستان کے حامی تھے مگر جلد انتقال ہونے کی وجہ سے قائد اعظم کا یہ خواب پورا نہ ہو سکا. کمیونسٹ پارٹی آف پاکستان اس بات کا برملا اظہار اور اعلان کرتی ہے کہ وہ قائد اعظم کے سیکولر پاکستان بنانے کی خواہش کی جدوجہد جاری رکھے گی اور ایک دن ایسا ضرور آئے … Continue reading
  63. US President Donald Trump announced that he would relocate the US Embassy to Jerusalem, officially recognising the city as the capital of Israel. This is a serious provocation. It will cause new conflicts in the Middle East. With this step, Trump wants to launch such a process of conflict. With this decision, Trump aims to
  64. ALL PAKISTAN POLITICAL PARTIES CONFERENCE AT LAHORE. لاہور ہائی کورٹ بار ایسوسی ایشن نے کل مورخہ 9 دسمبر 2017ء بروز ہفتہ کو لاہور میں “موجودہ ملکی سیاسی صورتحال اور جمہوریت کا مستقبل” کے موضوع پر ایک آل پاکستان پولیٹیکل پارٹیز کانفرنس کا انعقاد کیا ہے جس میں کمیونسٹ پارٹی آف پاکستان (سی پی پی) کو بھی دعوت دی گئی ہے جس کے لئے ہم لاہور ہائی کورٹ بار ایسوسی ایشن کا شکریہ ادا کرتے ہیں کل کو منعقد ہونے والی … Continue reading
  65. Labour Party (EMEP) held its 8th Congress in Ankara with the slogan of ‘Let’s unite for peace and democracy against the one-man, one-party administration.’ During the Congress, a call was made for a united struggle against the one-man, one-party state that the AKP/Erdoğan administration is trying to establish. Selma Gürkan, the chairperson of EMEP, stressed
  66. BEFORE THE ELECTION COMMISSION OF PAKISTAN, ISLAMABAD Application No._____/2017 BRIEF STATEMENT CONCERNING THE OBJECTIONS OR SUGGESTIONS AND PROPOSALS IN RESPECT OF ANY PROVISION OF THE DRAFT ELECTIONS RULES 2017 BY THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF PAKISTAN (CPP) DULY REGISTERED POLITICAL PARTY WITH ELECTION COMMISSION OF PAKISTAN ISLAMABAD. Respectfully Sheweth, 1.       That the press release and the Notification dated 12th of October, 2017 of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) notifying to the General Public of Pakistan that the ECP is pleased … Continue reading
  67. The AKP government connects every development in the Middle East with state survival and the protection of the borders, interferes in the affairs of its neighbours, claims rights over Mousul and Kerkuk and harasses the Kurdish cantons in northern Syria. Thus, it has become a country posing threat to the peoples of the Middle East.
  68. Notification No. 4/CPP/CC/Meeting/Minutes dated 31-01-2017. Press Media of CPP and the Central General Secretary Mehraj Gul Khattak hereby announced that the following nine member’s office bearers of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) and 52 Members of the Working Committee of the CPP from all over the Pakistan has been notified for the information of all the General Public of Pakistan and other concerned. Their names are as under:- 1. Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik Central Chairman … Continue reading
  69. Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) flag to fly half-mast for 7 days has now been extended till December 4, 2016 when the Castro’s ashes would be buried in the southeastern city of Santiago says the press release issued here today by the Press Media of CPP. “Castro, a living communist legend, who has achieved immortal historical achievements for the development of world socialism. He was the great person of our era, and people and history will remember him forever,” says the … Continue reading
  75. Eight core sectors of Indian economy grew cumulatively at a lower pace of 2.7% in 15-16 against 4.5% in '14-'15.core sectors are: coal, crude oil, natural gas, refinery products, fertiliser, steel, cement and electricity.


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