G-7/G-20 in Venice: the great farce of “global fiscal justice” The male and female bosses of finance and major powers around the world have chosen the stage of Venice to play the farce of “global tax justice”. We are talking about farce because it is the same powers (IMF, central banks, OECD, G-7 governments) that for 50 years have changed the tax legislation of all countries to reduce the taxation of agricultural, real estate, industrial, commercial, financial capital, and creating the conditions whereby the larger, more global and speculative businesses are, the less taxes they pay. They have allowed also the so-called “tax havens”, allowing multinational corporations to make you “disappear” every year a little thing like 250 billion in profits – and increasing exponentially, everywhere, the state debt. Now these male and female bosses are playing the part of the “repentant”, setting up – for 2023 or 2024 – a “super tax” on multinationals…

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[INTERNATIONALISM] G-7 / G-20 in Venice: the great farce of “global fiscal justice” [eng – عربى – ita]