World Federation of Trade Unions

 The Confederation of KASBI, which is allied with GEBRAK (Workers’ Movement with the People), carried out a Mass Action on the commemoration of International Women’s Day while still implementing the Health Protocol.  Of course it is not without obstacles in carrying out mass actions in the midst of Indonesia’s democratic situation, which is currently full of silencing by the regime against civilians, plus the covid-19 pandemic situation that has not improved in Indonesia.  The Workers, especially women workers, whose jobs are subject to discrimination, the failure to fulfill their rights as women, and the sexual harassment committed by companies indicates the failure of the Indonesian government to guarantee and protect its own people from oppression and exploitation by the Capitalism System.  Even during demonstrations, acts of intimidation and even repression were carried out by the police against the mass of the action and all those in charge of the action,…

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Indonesia: Stop Silencing the People’s Democratic Freedom under the pretext of the Covid-19 Pandemic