World Federation of Trade Unions

The consequences of the Pandemic on the working class and the trade union movement Dear friends, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, The workers all over the world have been left exposed to the pandemic and its consequences by a system that neither wants nor is capable to provide the necessary means for dignified livings, healthcare, educations, the right to work, and work with rights. The new economic crisis, that loomed before the pandemic and has been accelerated by it, marked a new attack against labor achievements and rights. The attack on eight-hour day, the further deregulation of the employment relationship, the institutionalization of flexible forms and working conditions, the revision and abolition of fundamental labor laws, the efforts to circumvent the sacred right to strike, the abolition of the Sunday day-off, blatant violations of even the most fundamental trade union and democratic freedoms, are being perpetrated all over the world under the…

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Speech of the WFTU President, Mzwandile Michael Makwayiba in the 109th ILC Plenary Session