World Federation of Trade Unions

The WFTU was represented by Suzan Abdelsalam, member of the WFTU Women’s Committee. #ewic-con-124263 .flex-direction-nav .flex-next, #ewic-con-124263 .flex-direction-nav .flex-prev {opacity: 1;} #ewic-con-124263 .flex-direction-nav .flex-next {right: 10px !important; text-align: right !important;} #ewic-con-124263 .flex-direction-nav .flex-prev {left: 10px !important;} jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $(“#preloader-124263”).fadeOut(2000, function () { $(“#ewic-con-124263”).addClass(“ready_to_show”); $(“a[rel^=’ewicprettyPhoto[124263]’]”).ewcPhoto({ theme: “ewc_default”, allow_expand: false, deeplinking: false, slideshow:5000, autoplay_slideshow:true, social_tools:false }); $(“.flexslider-124263”).fadeIn(1000); $(“#ewic-con-124263”).flexslider({ animation: “slide”, animationSpeed: 0, useCSS: false, easing: “easeInQuad”, direction: “horizontal”, slideshow: true, smoothHeight: true, pauseOnHover: true, controlNav: false, prevText: “”, nextText: “”, rtl: false, slideshowSpeed: 5000, start: function(slider){ $(“#ewic-con-124263”).find(“.flex-caption”).hide(); var curSlide = slider.find(“li.flex-active-slide”); $(curSlide).find(“.flex-caption”).slideDown(); }, before: function(slider) { $(“#ewic-con-124263”).find(“.flex-caption”).slideUp(); }, after: function(slider) { var curSlide = slider.find(“li.flex-active-slide”); $(curSlide).find(“.flex-caption”).slideDown(); } }); }); }); Dear colleagues, Allow me at the outset to ‏convey  to you the warm greetings of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) and of its 103 million members who live and work in 133 countries of the whole world.And also convey to you the greetings of the steadfast people and workers of Palestine who are struggling for their dignity and freedom as they defend with their bare bodies their land to build the independent State of Palestine on the soil of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital. We wish you success in realizing your hopes and aspirations, and we also wish you to work towards activating and developing partnership with the Palestinian labor union movement in Palestine in light of the American bias in favor of the occupying state and the policy of arrogance that our people are subjected to. I also send warm  greetings and thank you very much for your long and steady support and solidarity that you have expressed and are still expressing alongside our just struggle of our people. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and all the free unions that participated in the campaigns of medical and stationery donations for our people in the Gaza Strip called for by the World Federation of Trade Unions (wftu). Your true solidarity gives us the strength and courage to continue the struggle against the Israeli occupation and against imperialism for a free and independent homeland with Jerusalem as its capital. Today, in front of what we are subjected to from the oppression of the occupation on the one hand and the Corona pandemic and its reflection on the living reality in its various health, social and economic aspects on the other hand, we are going through the most severe challenges, as the whole world is going through as a result of the health, economic and political conditions that have cast their shadows, especially the Corona pandemic on the whole world. Millions of injuries and deaths negatively affected the economic situation in the world, which increased the rate of unemployment and poverty to rates that the world had never seen before, especially in poor countries. Which increased the percentage of child labor in poor countries in the absence of job opportunities as a result of the general conditions. The Corona pandemic represented, from its inception until this moment, the most complex and unexpected disaster that the industry in general, force It was a sudden disaster for the chemical and petrochemical industries in the region, and a real test for business leaders in all industries in the world, as well as raised many questions about globalization and the extent to which it could be activated, as the pandemic accompanied the stagnation of the global economy and low oil prices. The volatility of raw materials and the trade war between China and the United States that was going on even before the pandemic, as it prompted investors to reconsider their…

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