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Joint Platform of CTUs and Samyukta Kisan Morcha’s Call for United Struggle: Mission India : To Save the People and Save the Nation The joint meeting of the Platform of Central Trade Unions and Independent Federations/Associations and Samyukta Kisan Morcha was held on 25th November 2021. The Joint meeting while noting the continuing united struggles of the Trade Unions as well as under the leadership of Samyukta Kisan Morcha on their respective demands and also against the anti-worker, anti-farmer, anti-people and anti-national destructive policies of the BJP Govt, expressed satisfaction and confidence over the continuing active solidarity in action by both the workers’ and kisan movements to each others’ struggles, generating strength in the struggles on both the fronts and also drawing support of the broader sections of peoples to these struggles. The joint meeting also noted that in the face of continuing determined struggles by workers and kisans, the one year long kisan struggles in particular along with widespread solidarity actions, the Govt. at Centre has to retreat, may be as of now, by announcing its decision to repeal the three retrograde Farm Laws. The meeting, simultaneously maintained with unanimity that there is no scope of being complacent given the brazenly anti-people and corporate-servile character of the Government, brutally insensitive to the miseries and sufferings of the mass of the people as has been demonstrated by all its actions in the economic policy front, political governance and also on social issues since its coming to power and particularly during the entire pandemic period. There is definite reason to note that the Govt has taken certain steps like repeal of Farm Laws under compulsion owing to determined struggles and also owing to the expediency arising out of forthcoming elections to five states – UP, Uttarakhand, Manipur, Goa and Punjab. Similar pre-election opportunist gestures of the Govt may be noted in their stance in not yet notifying implementation of Labour Codes (although almost everything for the same, including drawing the rules under the Codes is kept ready), marginally reducing taxes on petrol, diesel, gas etc. The joint meeting pointed out that such gestures out of pre-election expediency can in no way camouflage the series of brazenly anti-national and anti-people machinations of the Govt. It has been continuously engineering onslaughts on the lives and livelihood and even basic survival-entitlement of the people in the form of numerous legislations and Ordinances and policy decisions on empowering and helping the corporate/lobby, towards increasing burden on the people along with concessions to corporates, aggressive privatization of almost everything including vital infrastructure and even public-utilities, curb on democratic right to dissent, imposition of sedition clause on every democratic opposition etc all of which were anti-farmer, anti-worker, anti-people and even anti-national. They were all pro-corporate. This is the time for workers as well as for the farmers to firmly re-assert their basic demands. It goes to the credit of the Samyukt Kisan Morcha that it took a firm position that the agitation will continue till farm laws are formally buried by the Parliament and other equally important demands viz., procurement of all crops at statutory MSP, scrapping of Electricity (Amendment) Bill etc. are met. Simultaneously the Joint Trade Union platform decided to continue to press for scrapping of 4 Labour Codes altogether, scrapping of all privatization/corporatization of Govt. and PSUs, including NMP, food and income support to all non-income-tax paying families, universal social security for all uncovered unorganized sector workers, regularization of Scheme workers and other demands and heighten their united struggles and go ahead with the programme of two days countrywide general strike in the forthcoming…

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India: Joint Platform of CTUs and Samyukta Kisan Morcha’s Call for United Struggle: Mission India : To Save the People and Save the Nation