PAME Greece

Αt a time when people are bleeding because of the competitions for the profits of the monopolies, EU and NATO puppets, the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) are once again hurrying to defend the NATO-US murderers taking a clear position in favor of western monopolies.

Russia’s unacceptable invasion in Ukraine is the typical start of a war that has been preparing for a long time in the territory of the accumulated tension and fierce competitions of US / NATO-EU-Russia in the wider region of Eastern Europe and generally, for the profits of the big monopoly groups

Now the ETUC and ITUC want to influence the workers in favor of an imperialist pole, presenting the EU-NATO as supposed protectors of Democracy and Peace and saying in a statement entitled “Putin’s war must stop

“… The imposition of sanctions by governments which support democracy and the rule of law is both inevitable and justified and should focus particularly on the entourage of President Putin who is leading Russia down this destructive path and threatening peace in Europe and the world.

… Europe must stand strong against Putin’s aggression and put maximum pressure on his regime, and entourage in particular, to bring about peace and dialogue…

 .. We cannot allow policy to be shaped by violence, and we expect world and EU leaders to protect Ukraine’s integrity as well as the security of all other countries in the region.”

For years, the ETUC and ITUC have acted as the long arm of the imperialists, calling on them to “protect human rights and democracy” in a series of EU-NATO-US interventions that have the blood of the children of Yugoslavia, Syria, Iraq, Palestine.

The attempt of the ETUC-ITUC to arm the people with hatred towards each other reveals their role as puppets of the US-NATO-EU and that the barbaric exploitative system and its servants do not hesitate in front of anything in order a handful of multinationals to continue making their profits

The murderous imperialists cannot be turned into protectors of the peoples. The interests of the peoples are not in the deepest involvement in the murderous plans of the imperialists, but in the immediate disengagement from them.

The workers and the militant unions of the world have a duty to strengthen the common struggle against the imperialist war and the involvement of our countries in the imperialist plans.

At the same time we must expose and isolate forces, such as the ETUC-ITUC, that are pushing the workers to become meat in the cannons of the imperialists.

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