World Federation of Trade Unions

Dear Comrades and Friends Women’s Day comes this year and the whole world is still suffering from the consequences of COVIS-19 and the wars that surround us in all parts of the world. COVID-19 has shown that the capitalist world is united, but at the expense of the poor and the sick. Giving the vaccine to everyone without exception, regardless of whether a person is poor or rich, is the only way to contain and eradicate the disease in accordance with the standards of humanity and brotherhood. Women around the world have suffered greatly as a result of the pandemic. Women had to make double efforts to take care of family members, especially those who were injured. Many of them had to stay with their children and family members to take care of them with unparalleled tenderness. Tens of millions of women have been laid off due to the general closures that have occurred in most countries of the world. Many women have been subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace and outside the workplace in their pursuit of any job opportunity that sustains their families. Data from the International Labor Organization have shown that tens of thousands of women were subjected to persecution and domestic violence at the hands of their husbands staying at home as a result of the layoffs that occurred as a result of the Corona pandemic. Women in the Arab world suffered additional problems represented in the spread of poverty, food insecurity and the consequences of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, the occupied Syrian Golan and the Lebanese Shebaa farms. Their children were arrested, they were displaced from their places of residence, or they were beaten at the hands of the Israeli occupation forces. These racist measures contradict all relevant United Nations resolutions. We at WFTU congratulate the women of the world, especially those who work in difficult conditions in today’s precarious world. Damascus 3/8/2022 Long live women in the Arab world and the whole world   Regional Director of the WFTU in the Middle East Dr. Adnan Azzouz

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