On behalf of our 105 million affiliates who live, work and struggle in 133 countries of the 5 continents we demand an immediate end to the organized police provocation against the USB, a WFTU affiliate. We also condemn the illegal police entry and raid at the trade union offices.

USB struggles with its only weapons: its class-oriented line and its militant spirit in plain daylight; that is the kind of struggle which disturbs the anti-worker and pro-war Italian government.

Brothers and sisters, comrades of the USB, you are not alone.

We all stand with you.

The WFTU of the five continents will move and act with you, so that this dirty and slanderous operation orchestrated by dark cycles fail.

We call upon Italian workers to support the USB which constitutes the genuine class force of the trade union movement in Italy.

Hands off the USB!

George Mavrikos,

General Secretary of the WFTU

Athens, 6 April 2022


Source: WFTU