On the occasion of 17th April 2022, the Day of Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli jails, the World Federation of Trade Unions reiterates its demand for the immediate release of all Palestinian political prisoners from the Israeli jails, in a period when violence and arrests against Palestinians are being escalated.

The rights of 4.500 Palestinian prisoners are violated, the Israeli occupation army continues to arrest Palestinian children and teenagers and imprison them in barbaric conditions. We especially urge for the immediate liberation of around 160 child prisoners, as well as of women, sick and disabled prisoners.

The world militant trade union movement, the WFTU and its 105 million members, we will continue our support and internationalist solidarity to our Palestinian brothers and sisters and with Palestinian prisoners,with International Campaigns for their release and with various militant actions supported by trade unions and workers all over the world.

We urge the International Organizations to immediately intervene and play their role for the release of Palestinian political prisoners.

The Secretariat

Source: WFTU