KKE: Statement on the NATO Summit in Madrid

Taken from: In Defense of Communism

In a statement about the NATO Summit that takes place in Madrid, the Press Office of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) stresses out:

“The NATO Summit that will take place on 29–30 June in Madrid will be a spearhead for the further escalation of NATO’s aggression against the peoples and the sharpening of imperialist competition, which is currently manifested in the fierce military conflict in Ukraine.

The NATO Summit seeks to strengthen the aggressive “NATO’s Strategic Concept”, focusing on:

— The reinforcement and consolidation of NATO forces in the war zone in Eastern Europe.

— The expansion of the activity of the NATO alliance, either independently or with partner states, around the world, such as in the Indo-Pacific region, which is becoming a hotbed of tension, holding a special place in the competition between the USA and China.

— The promotion of NATO’s enlargement, in the first phase with the accession of Sweden and Finland and the aim of further encircling Russia.

— The modernization of the conventional and nuclear arsenal with new huge armament programmes that the people will be called to pay for.

These decisions signal an escalation and generalization of the conflict between the Euro-Atlantic camp on the one hand and the developing Euro-Asian camp, led by China and Russia on the other.

It is a conflict of unforeseeable proportions over the division of markets, of energy and wealth-producing resources in general, setting the conditions for a new round of imperialist wars with victims being the peoples of the world. This course is confirmed both by the Russian Foreign Minister’s statement on the strengthening of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (an alliance of countries led by Russia), as a “counterweight” to NATO, and by the recent statement by the British Army Chief who told troops that they must prepare “to fight in Europe once again”.

The ND government is leading in the implementation of these dangerous plans, sending military equipment to Ukraine, upgrading the US-NATO bases in the country, deploying Greek military forces for the staffing of NATO formations, and increasing the spending on armaments for NATO’s needs. This policy serves the pursuit of the Greek bourgeoisie for geopolitical enhancement, especially of sections of capital that earn enormous profits from the transformation of Greece into a transport and energy hub.

That is the real objective of the entanglement and not “the shielding of the sovereign rights of the country against Turkish aggression with NATO being a guarantor”, as it has been stated by all Greek governments over time. After all, NATO, washing its hands of responsibilities, feeds the claims of the Turkish state in the context of a complex “bargaining” with Turkey to secure the south-eastern wing of the alliance and the effort to weaken Russia–Turkey relations.

The aggressive strategy of NATO is supported by other parties as well, especially SYRIZA and PASOK/KINAL. SYRIZA criticizes the government only for sending weapons and not for getting involved in the war through infrastructure (bases, etc.), which it established when in government. At the same time, it declares its support for NATO’s enlargement with the accession of Sweden and Finland, but also for sanctions against Russia, which add fuel to the fire of competition.

The opposition of the peoples to NATO and the decisions of the Summit is a matter of life and death. That is why the KKE supports the popular anti-imperialist and pro-peace demonstrations that will be held during the Summit, against the climate of authoritarianism and repression fostered by the social democratic government of Spain. It will participate in these demonstrations with a large delegation, together with the Communist Party of the Workers of Spain.

The struggle for the disengagement of Greece from the imperialist war in Ukraine, the closure of the US–NATO bases in our country, and the refusal to send Greek military forces and weapons systems outside the borders is the way to prevent the people from shedding their blood and paying for the plans of the imperialists. It is the only guarantee for the defence of sovereign rights, for the opposition to the dispute of the borders of the country.

The people can chart their own course of peace, cooperation, and joint struggle with all peoples, with the disengagement from NATO–the EU, with the people masters in their own land, with the transition of power to their own hands.


The Press Office of the CC of the KKE.”

Source: In Defense of Communism