Fraternal Greetings to the Colectivos de Jóvenes Comunistas

On Sunday 21 August, our comrades in the Colectivos de Jóvenes Comunistas, concluded their national camp. The camp brought members of the organisation from across Spain to engage in education, debate, and socialising.

The CYM sent the following greetings on the occasion of the camp:

A chairde agus chomráidaithe of the Colectivos de Jóvenes Comunistas,

On behalf of the Connolly Youth Movement, I would like to extend our fraternal greetings to the Colectivos de Jóvenes Comunistas on the occasion of your latest National Congress.

The international health crisis has seen capitalist regimes around the world fall into crisis after crisis. As they scramble to uphold the contradictions arising from pandering to finance capital while leaving working-class people behind struggling to survive, the role of the youth in the revolutionary struggle becomes ever more necessary. Working-class people all over Europe are now feeling the pressure more than ever with the rising cost of fuel, basic necessities, and ever growing inflation. Only through the strengthening and uniting of working-class youth can we bring about our liberation.

The determination for a revolutionary struggle can be seen in the history of your organisation’s involvement in students protests and agitation around precarious workers’ conditions, and is to be admired. Furthermore, the international cooperation on the advocacy for the release of our comrades Aleksandr and Mikhail Kononovich displays the strength achievable only when the communist youth work together across borders. 

Comrades, we wish your organisation the very best of luck in your revolutionary work in the years ahead. In the spirit of proletarian internationalism, we hope that our organisations can continue to support each other in the future and the international solidarity between communist organisations can strengthen. Only with the mutual support and cooperation between our organisations can we see a red future. As the capitalist regimes continue to display their greedy nature culminating in crisis situations for working class peoples everywhere, the Irish proverb ní neart go cur le chéile could never have been more relevant – no strength without unity.

The Connolly Youth Movement hopes that this congress leaves you strengthened and further determined to continue the struggle towards socialism. We wish you great success in this and future actions.

Saludos y solidaridad camaradas!

Oifigeach Idirnáisiúnta

International Office”

The CYM wishes our comrades the very best for the future!

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Source: Connolly Youth Movement