WFTU solidarity statement in solidarity with workers of Felixtowe port in Great Britain

Workers of Felixtowe port are on an 8-day strike demanding a wage increase in order to face record high inflation.  The Felixtowe workers’ strike constitutes a continuation of a wave of strikes that started in June and spread all over Great Britain, against austerity measures and demanding wage increases.

The WFTU salutes the workers’ struggle to improve their work and living conditions.  It has been proven countless times that improvement is achieved only when workers take their lives into their own hands. Only through militant and decisive struggle, we can address anti-labor policies.

The WFTU, representing 105 million workers all over the globe, firmly stands on the side of the workers of Great Britain and supports their struggle for better wages, to keep up with the inflation that is threatening their livelihoods.

Source: WFTU