The rehabilitation of Nazi collaborators shall not pass!

Taken from: In Defense of Communism

Statement by the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan about the attempt of Kyrgyzstan’s government to rehabilitate Nazi collaborators:

In Kyrgyzstan, for the second time, an attempt is being made to carry out total rehabilitation of the “victims of Stalinist repressions” of 1918-1953 through the adoption of a special law on the initiative of deputies of pro-government parties and Speaker of Parliament Nurlan Shakiev. Participants of anti-Soviet uprisings (Basmachi), militants of the Turkestan Legion of the Wehrmacht and Eastern Muslim SS units may fall under the action of this law, as well as last time.

It should be noted that the Speaker of the Kyrgyz Parliament, Nurlan Shakiyev, a few months ago advocated renaming the Soviet names of Bishkek districts and demanded the complete decommunization of the republic, based on the fact that all names should be only Kyrgyz.

This is the second attempt to carry out total rehabilitation, since in October 2019, 15 deputies from six parties represented in the then parliament of the country had already put forward a similar bill. Then the initiators and developers of the bill were the Soros Foundation – Kyrgyzstan and the Open Government, funded by the USAID in the republic.

Then, only as a result of active public indignation, statements by various organizations and parties, as well as a negative reaction in many media outlets, the bill was postponed indefinitely. Now this bill has been taken out again and presented in a new wrapper in parliament on December 23, counting on the fact that no one will notice this before the New Year holidays.

The proposals made to the bill are largely similar to the previous ones. Thus, the deputies call for the rehabilitation of convicts under a number of articles of laws, including for counter-revolutionary activities, as well as for participation in anti-Soviet bandit detachments, in the murders of Soviet, party and Komsomol leaders.

That is, it is planned to rehabilitate all together during the period of the “red terror” (1918-1924) and the “Stalinist repressions” (1929-1953), giving them a political assessment, legally and politically justifying those persons who were not previously rehabilitated for their crimes during the uprisings or actions on the side of the collaborationist formations of Nazi Germany.

At the same time, the rehabilitation commissions that will make decisions on certain citizens on the ground will include persons from among non-governmental organizations (NGOs), that is, associations receiving funding from American, European or British foundations and embassies.

Naturally, without public control and publicity, these commissions will make appropriate politically motivated decisions in favor of opponents of the Soviet government who fought, committed murders, sabotage or espionage activities on the territory of the Kyrgyz SSR and the fronts of the Second World War.

Interestingly, the law itself adapts to the plans and projects of the Soros-Kyrgyzstan Foundation, which financed the development and publication of a Book in memory of victims of Political Repression, and also promoted the Open Archives project. The task of these projects was to rethink in the anti-communist spirit the history of the Soviet period of the republic in order to present Basmachi, terrorists and collaborators as “fighters for the national liberation of the country.”

Now, at the state level, according to this law, it is envisaged to enter reports on the rehabilitation of repressed persons and information about them in this Book of Memory of Victims of Political Repression, and the State Archive Service of the Kyrgyz Republic, based on the decisions of the Commission, will compile a publicly accessible electronic form of the report.

It is obvious that the purpose of the law itself is to denigrate the USSR in the eyes of the new generation and to increase the process of decommunization according to the Ukrainian and Baltic scenario in other republics of the former Soviet Central Asia. So, after the first attempt to adopt this law in the Kyrgyz Republic, a State commission for rehabilitation with the same goals appeared in Kazakhstan in November 2020. At the same time, Nur-Sultan then took as a basis just the Kyrgyz bill, drawn up with the participation of the Soros Foundation and USAID.

In 2020-2021, the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan conducted an active campaign against the activities of the State Commission for Final Rehabilitation and similar attempts to politically and legally justify participants in anti-Soviet uprisings and militants of the Turkestan Legion of the Wehrmacht and Eastern Muslim SS units, which was supported by dozens of communist parties belonging to Solidnet.

Then the Communist parties, movements and veterans’ organizations of Greece, Poland, France, Italy, Georgia, Latvia, Russia and other countries issued statements about this. Moreover, these collaborationist formations were used by the German Nazis against partisans and underground workers in these countries.

And this time, the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan calls on communist and workers’ parties, trade unions, veterans’ organizations and left-wing movements to oppose this attempt to rehabilitate and justify Nazi accomplices and participants in the armed struggle against the USSR!

This is important, since after the adoption of such a law in Kyrgyzstan, similar laws will be necessarily approved in the parliaments of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and other former Soviet republics. And we must openly declare this and speak at the time of the centenary of the formation of the Soviet Union.

Political Council of the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
December 29, 2022.

Source: In Defense of Communism