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  In Hunts Point, the Bronx, temperatures dropped into the “code blue” 20s Wednesday night, but the workers on strike at the Hunts Point Produce Market kept the picket line going. Some gathered in clusters around makeshift bonfires directly on the pavement and in garbage cans, and some danced to the music pumping out of their cars parked nearby and from a large battery-powered PA system. Others stood around in conversation. They are demanding a $1 an hour raise and better health care. “They deserve $4 an hour,” Teamsters 202 Rep. Charles Machadio has said. When the companies responded by offering 32 cents, Local 202 voted to strike. Said one worker, “32 cents is a smack in the face. I’ve been working [here] for 26 years, that should mean something. We serve the city, now we need.” “These bosses are filthy rich, and they can’t give us a dollar,” another…

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