Statement by AKEL C.C. Spokesperson Stefanos Stefanou

Society is very concerned about the development and handling of the pandemic in our country. Everyone now realizes that government’s handling is ineffective, despite the government’s communication efforts to hide it. It is obvious that a number of measures are contradictory, disproportionate and amateur.

There is justifiably great concern about the situation in which public hospitals have been left in. AKEL was constantly denouncing the government’s erroneous policies, which are also being confirmed by the complaints made by the Cyprus Medical Association (PIS).

The hope of overcoming the pandemic definitively and safely also depends on the coronavirus vaccine. However, serious questions have arisen about the issue of the vaccinations, the number of vaccines available, who is being vaccinated and the rate at which vaccinations are progressing.

We call on the Ministry of Health to inform us whether the National Vaccination Committee has been convened, which is the body responsible for planning, approving and implementing the vaccination policy.

We also call on the Ministry of Health to responsibly inform the people of the following:

  • What comprehensive scheme is there in place with regards the vaccination policy being implemented on the coronavirus?
  • What are the timetables for vaccinating society?

Source: Progressive Party of the Working People – AKEL – The government should responsibly inform the people about the real situation regarding vaccinations