Communist Party of Britain

Communists with eyes on the Scottish Government 2021 sees a swathe of elections across Britain, with council elections in England, Welsh Government elections, and Scottish Government elections all happening in May. This has driven the Communist Party, to field its largest election campaign since 1983.The Scottish Government elections herald what could arguably be the most divisive and intense election, since the forming of the devolved parliament. With Scottish Labour fighting an internal battle, Scottish Nationalist Party hoping to retain power and focus upon constitutional concerns, instead of addressing criticism, a Tory Party who hope that by being a loud voice for unionism would not necessarily allow them to win big, but enough to dampen any sense of Labour gaining ground.Amidst this deluge of parliamentary politics, the Communist Party is fielding three candidates in Glasgow, Motherwell and Wishaw, and Lothian. The three candidates are not only hoping to offer a fresh…

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Communists with eyes on the Scottish Government