Communist Party of Israel

The start of this week saw the launching of a new website published by the editorial board of Zo HaDerekh (This Is the Way), the Hebrew-language newspaper of the Communist Party of Israel (CPI). Zo HaDerekh features news, commentaries and op-ed pieces from a communist perspective on everything of interest in Israel and around the world: workers’ struggles, the campaign against right-wing rule, the struggle to end Israel’s occupation of the occupied Palestinian territories, feminist debates, an inside look at Arab society in Israel (in collaboration with Al-Ittihad – the Arab-language daily newspaper of the CPI), the climate crisis, culture and more. Zo HaDerekh (This Is the Way), the Hebrew-language organ of the Communist Party of Israel (CPI) is now a website updated daily. In its first decade and a half, from January 1951 to June 1965, Zo HaDrekh was a journal published by the CPI that dealt with communist theory…

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