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  Eleanor, by David Michaelis, 2020, New York: Simon & Schuster Eleanor Roosevelt, by Blanche Wiesen Cook, Volumes 1–3, 2016, New York: Penguin Books In 1926 she joined a “mass picket demonstration” in support of striking paper-box makers. She was arrested, along with seven other “notable women” and charged with disorderly conduct (Cook, 1.363). She was Eleanor Roosevelt (ER). In 1933 she became an activist First Lady and a tireless champion of the poor, workers, women, children, and African Americans. A 1935 headline read, “First Lady Tours Coal Mine in Ohio” (Cook, 2.262). She wore a miner’s cap and rode at the front of a mine train two miles down into the shaft where she watched miners at work. A cartoon in the New Yorker showed two miners looking up and exclaiming, “Here Comes Mrs. Roosevelt!” The implication? ER, as activist, as First Lady, as compassionate human being, was everywhere.…

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