Communist Party USA

1. Marxists and Communists in the U.S after WWI defined the question of African American Liberation (then called “Negro Liberation”) as a. a moral and ethical question. b. necessary to provide equality of opportunity under capitalism. c. central to the liberation of the working class as a whole and the establishment of socialism. d. one that should be de-emphasized because it would cause a backlash by the white working class.   2. Which of the following is a central principle that Communists have developed over the last century, in both the CPUSA and the larger working-class movement? a. The struggle against racism should be led by the Black “middle class,” business owners, and professionals. b. It is the duty of white Communists to fight all manifestations of racism in the CPUSA and of white workers to fight all manifestations of racism in the ranks of the working class. c.…

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