South African Communist Party

5 February 2021 The South African Communist Party (SACP) stands in solidarity in yet another bout of jobs bloodbath after Greyhound’s notice to close operations and Putco’s notice to retrench 214 workers. Up to 700 jobs will be lost should Greyhound proceed to shut down operations. The very short notice by Greyhound adds salt to injury. It is an insult to workers and exposes its uncaring attitude to the scale of the human crisis that its closing will generate. It is indeed a fact that many transport businesses were negatively affected by the lockdown, unavoidable due to the spreading of COVID-19 pandemic. The working class, however, has been the worst casualty of the pandemic. It is also a fact that despite the loss in revenue, the owners of the various bus companies have been raking in the profits. Notwithstanding the drop in revenue, companies must, however, not be allowed to…

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SACP in solidarity with workers in the face of jobs losses from Greyhound and Putco bus companies